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Wormwood Foot Bath Kit


Brief introduction

using Qinling wild wormwood processing, adding pepper, ginger, safflower, motherwort


30 bags/bag


Qinling wild wormwood processing


Prevent athlete's foot, remove foot odor, improve immunity, promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue and improve sleep.

Efficacy and function It can remove dampness and cold, relieve fatigue, sterilize and reduce inflammation, and treat athlete's foot and nail fungus.

Instructions for use

Use it after soaking in hot water at 50 degrees for five minutes, more than half an hour at a time.


The water temperature should not be too high to avoid scalding the skin. Remove the medicine packet after use and throw it away. Do not reuse.

 It is forbidden for drinking and pregnant women, and for those with skin ulcers, bleeding and those who are allergic to Chinese medicine.

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