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Wormwood eye mask benefits to our eye

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Wormwood eye mask made from the components of Artemisia argyi leaves is similar to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion.  Not only can it relieve eye strain, but it can also help you sleep well when you wear it before bed.  

Adopts advanced USB thermal temperature control technology, after it contacts with the air, in the inner side of the eye mask, through the moisture in the air and metal powder to form a heating body, heat generation.  

The moisture contained in the heating element evaporates with the fragrance, producing a pleasant water vapor, mild and not harmful to the skin.  Has been kept in the human body the most comfortable 40℃, fever for more than 25 minutes.  

The release of steam can soothe the brain nerves, make people feel comfortable, moisturize the skin around the eyes, and induce drowsiness.  The warm steam is invisible to the naked eye, but it is real.  

Whether it is before bed, during lunch break, or during the journey, wearing one can help your eyes relieve fatigue and give your eyes the ultimate enjoyment.  

Applicable people:  wrinkles and dark circles- CGhealthfood

Teenage myopia: prevent myopia and treat pseudomyopia, increase the control degree, and regulate the normal physiological function of both eyes;  

Computer and mobile phone control: relieve eye fatigue, eye dryness, eye pain, dark circles, eye bags, keep eyes moist;  

Driver practitioners: relieve eye fatigue, improve the physiological function of eyes;  

Middle-aged and elderly people: to prevent presbyopia, cataract.  


Remove the folded hot compress eye mask from the package and unwrap it. After taking it out, it will start to heat up. Please open it and use it immediately.  

Put the elastic bands on both sides of the ears and adjust the heat position of the eyes.  

During use, please close your eyes and keep the temperature at about 40℃ for 20~30 minutes. When the temperature drops, it means the use time is over.  


Note: Do not wash, do not fold, replace once a month mugwort.  

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