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Wormwood Essential Oil

Features:Qinling wild wormwood processing single-party essential oil, strong penetration and complete absorption.
Effect:Dispels fire, removes stasis and relieves pain, promotes qi and blood circulation, warms meridians and collaterals, warms yin and nourishes deficiency, warms muscles and dispels cold.
Instructions for use:For external use, apply an appropriate amount to acupoints or affected areas, massage or scrape until completely absorbed.
Precautions:If it gets into the eyes, rinse immediately with water.

Wormwood essential oil is a volatile aromatic substance extracted from the leaves and stems of wormwood, extruded and solvent extraction.

Regulate qi and blood, dispel cold and dampness; warm menstruation, stop bleeding, and fetus. Cure cold and pain in the heart and abdomen, diarrhea and tendons, chronic dysentery, vomiting, bleeding, irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge, fetal movement, carbuncle, scabies.

Specifications:50g/bottle, 100g/bottle


Take a few drops and apply evenly on the affected area before moxibustion or scraping.

The efficacy and function of wormwood essential oil

1. Relieve pain

2. Improve body immunity

3. Improve skin discomfort

The use of wormwood essential oil contraindications

Those who are prone to allergies in daily life are prohibited from using wormwood essential oil directly. In addition, pregnant women, infants and young children in life are also prohibited from eating wormwood essential oil, because this wormwood essential oil will have adverse effects on their bodies. When using wormwood essential oil, in addition to these contraindications, oral administration is also forbidden. After oral administration, it will stimulate the intestines and stomach and also harm people's health.


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