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Wormwood essential oil relax your body

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Wormwood, is a perennial herb or slightly semi-shrubby green plant, the main stem has a strong fragrance. 

 All mugwort can be taken. In traditional Chinese medicine, mugwort has always been used as a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, and mugwort as medicine has the functions of clearing damp dispelling cold, promoting blood circulation and anti-inflammation, and anti-sensitivity.  The leaves of mugwort grass will be dried and mashed into "Ai Rong", and the moxibustion paste can be used for moxibustion. The key is in Asia.  It has spread throughout Europe.  The most familiar Artemisia argyi essential oil is the essential oil of Artemisia argyi, which is extracted from the leaves and stems of Artemisia argyi by extrusion molding method and organic solvent acquisition.  We usually take mugwort essential oil is generally all after dilution.  The volatile substance of mugwort essential oil is very strong, so be sure to store it in a sealed glass bottle.  best essential oil blends - CGhealthfood

Artemisia argyi essential oil is generally used for hot foot bath and moxibustion.  It can treat dysmenorrhea, periarthritis of shoulder, and can also have the effect of relieving cough and relieving cough, promoting digestion and improving human immunity.  In addition to being used as a medicine, Artemisia argyi is also a very good food material, especially in the coastal areas of China. There are many kinds of traditional food made with Artemisia argyi, which are very beloved by people.  

One kind of glutinous rice cake is made by using mugwort as the key raw material.  It is to choose the tender Artemisia argyi grass before and after the Qingming Festival and stick rice flour according to the ratio of one to two together, the package of peanut kernel, white sesame and white granulated sugar filling (some areas will be added to mung bean paste), and then it can be cooked.  In the Dongjiang River in Huizhou, Guangdong province, locals pick the tender leaves and buds of Agyi in winter and spring to eat as vegetables and fruits.  

It has long been a local custom for the Guangdong Hakkas in Ganzhou City to collect mugwort grass to make amiguo on the occasion of the Spring Equinox.  Because mugwort has certain dyeing properties, it is also used in some areas to make dyeing agents, mugwort is also one of the key raw materials for printing mud.  In Chinese folklore, on the occasion of Dragon Boat Festival in some areas, people always put mugwort at home to ward off evil spirits.  

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