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What is Wormwood Eye Mask?

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The first effect of the Wormwood eye mask is definitely to soothe the eyes. Although there are many effects mentioned in the manual, they are all added value. The real first effect is to comfort the discomfort of the eyes, such as tired eyes and uncomfortable staying up late. You can apply a Wormwood eye mask to relieve discomfort.The temperature of the steam eye mask will not burn the eye skin, but it is very comfortable to stick on the eye. The warm temperature will make blood circulation, which is very conducive to the unblocked blood of the eye skin, which plays the role of massage. Wormwood eye masks for eye bags are not effective because they are difficult to remove. But a Wormwood eye mask for dark circles works well. Mainly due to the temperature of the steam, it stimulates the circulation of the skin under the eyes and dilutes the dark circles.

1. For blackout goggles: its main function is to block light and exclude glare, so as to create a comfortable sleeping environment for the wearer. For example, during lunch breaks during work, or when flying or in a car, wearing it can promote sleep. However, when purchasing sunshade goggles, it is best to choose natural and soft cotton products. The darkest color with the best color can provide better shading.Wormwood-Eye-Mask-manufacturers-CGhealthfood

2. For health-care goggles: its role is to relieve eye fatigue and relieve eye pain. Under normal circumstances, those who use computers frequently, or those who use their eyes for a long time, choose a health eye mask, which can relieve fatigue and improve the spirit. But when choosing, the color of the eye mask should not be too dark, so as not to reduce the contact area with the air.

3. The multi-functional eye mask combines the functions of shading and health eye mask. It can not only block the glare during the day, but also relieve eye fatigue. It is a good helper for sleeping rooms, offices, car travel, outdoor camping, etc. Due to the complicated functionality of this kind of eye mask, it is best to choose the eye mask of YH energy material when purchasing, which can enhance the metabolism rate of the cells in the eye and improve the circulation of the eye.

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