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What is the best way to eat lotus seeds?

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What is lotus seed?

Lotus seeds are the seeds of lotus seeds of the lotus family plant. When the fruits are mature in autumn, cut the lotus ovary, take the fruit, remove the peel, and after drying, it is the red lotus seed, and the white lotus seed is the lotus ovary that is cut when the fruit is ripe, take out the fruit, peel, remove red clothes, and dry.

Growth habit of aquatic lotus seeds

Lotus is a long-day plant, especially fond of light, very intolerant of shade. It grows in the semi-shade environment of the rising sun. The leaves, buds, flowers, lotus, etc. show obvious phototaxis, and the lotus blooms late. Bailian is a plant that likes warm, high temperature and low temperature. In the whole growing season, the best temperature range for lotus root growth is 22~32℃, and it can also endure the high temperature of 35.4℃, but the growth is extremely slow when the temperature is below 16℃, it will be dormant when the temperature drops again, and will no longer grow, 5 ℃ below the lotus prone to frostbite.lotus seed suppliers -CGhealthfood


Efficacy of lotus seeds

Lotus seeds are sweet and slightly astringent in nature, rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements, as well as many water-soluble polysaccharides containing flavonoids, as well as alkaloids and supernatants. Oxide dismutase and other ingredients belong to both medicinal and edible ingredients. Their edible and medicinal values are very high. The effects of eating lotus seeds on the human body are as follows:

Clearing heat and reducing fire

Lotus seeds can clear heat and reduce fire, especially for people with strong heart fire, eating a little lotus seeds can effectively reduce heart fire, clear the heart and soothe the mind. In addition, it also has a good conditioning effect on mouth sores caused by getting angry.

Promote sleep

Lotus seeds contain many vitamins and trace elements, which have a good effect of regulating emotions and relaxing emotions. Eating lotus seeds often can effectively calm the mind, promote sleep, and improve sleep quality.

Lower blood pressure

Lotus seeds contain a lot of trace elements, especially potassium. Potassium ions can effectively maintain the function of the heart, participate in the metabolism of the body, reduce the risk of stroke in the middle-aged and the elderly, and can also expand peripheral blood vessels, effectively helping to lower blood pressure.

Anti-cancer and anti-cancer

The oxalicine oxide contained in lotus seeds can effectively inhibit nasopharyngeal cancer, uterine cancer, lung cancer, etc. People with such diseases can help by eating lotus seed porridge and drinking lotus seed soup Nourishes the body and resists the damage of cancer cells to the human body.

Replenishing essence

Lotus seeds are beneficial to the formation of sperm and improve male fertility. The phosphorus contained in lotus seeds is the main component of nuclear protein, which can help the body to carry out normal metabolism, effectively maintain the acid-base balance, and promote the formation of sperm.

The most correct way to eat lotus blossom pods

Lotus seeds are flat in nature and can also be used as medicinal materials, but in the usual practice, they are used after removing the lotus seeds, because the lotus seeds will be very bitter. There is a relatively common practice. It is Sydney lily lotus seed soup. Peel the Sydney pears, then wash the lilies, remove the hearts from the lotus seeds, put them into the sand maker to cook, and then add some lean meat and red dates. The lotus seed soup cooked in this way is very good. Nutritious, for those who often get angry or say that the lung fire is more serious, you can drink more of this soup, because it can clear heat and reduce fire.

In fact, the best method for lotus seeds is to directly remove the skin and then eat them, because this time it is the freshest, and the nutrients in the lotus seeds can be retained to the greatest extent without any cooking method. Another method is to use lotus seeds to cook porridge, which will have different effects when combined with different foods, so you can choose according to your own hobbies or diseases, and you can eat most of the porridge. To retain the nutritional function of lotus seeds, common foods are red dates, longan, etc. At this time, the porridge contains trace elements, which is very helpful for supplementing body nutrition, and lotus seeds can also achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure.

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