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What is moxa and the quality of moxa

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 Moxa is a natural processed product of wormwood,and moxa is the raw material for making moxa sticks,and it is also the main material used in moxibustion. Its effects mainly include:dredging the meridian and activating collaterals,warming the meridian for hemostasis,dispelling cold and relieving pain,and health care.Made from the dried leaves of Artemisia argyi. Its color is off-white, soft as velvet,flammable but not flame-prone, fragrant in smell, suitable for moxibustion.Depending on the degree of processing, it can be divided into thick and thin. The thick ones are mostly used for warming needles or making moxa sticks, while the thin ones are mostly used for making moxa sticks.The texture is better with old ones.

  •  Moxa products: According to the efficacy of moxa, make people’s daily health care products, such as moxa apron, pillows, cushions, insoles, moxa clothes, various protective gear (knee pads, waist pads, belly pads, etc.) and There are many moxa products such as moxa quilt, moxa foot bath bag, bath bag and so on. 

The quality of moxa:  Moxa-cghealthfood

1. it is determined by the purity of moxa.The higher the purity, the better the quality, and vice versa.The purity of moxa is expressed by the ratio of how many kilograms of moxa leaves are made into 1 kg of moxa.Common moxa are 10:1, 20:1, 30:1 and so on.

2. Specific effects of moxa:Hemostatic effect: Moxa can be used for a variety of bleeding symptoms, such as vomiting blood, hemoptysis, vomiting blood, hematuria, blood in stool, metrorrhagia, postpartum hemorrhage, etc.Efficacy of expelling cold and dehumidification:moxa can promote the body's metabolism, and is beneficial to promote the excretion of cold evil and moisture in the body.It can be used to prevent colds,fevers caused by cold evil invasion, puffiness, edema, eczema and other symptoms caused by damp evil accumulation.Regulating menstruation and preventing miscarriage: moxa has the effect of dredging meridians,and it is beneficial for pregnant women to use it to prevent miscarriage.

3. Moxa pillow:It is made of wormwood grown in the deep mountains of the Qinling Mountains.It is picked around the Dragon Boat Festival,and the pure moxa leaves are manually selected. The ancient method is processed into 20:1 moxa that has been dried in the shade for more than three years and filled into the pillow core.Packed in a pure cotton scrim, which is very comfortable.For cervical spondylosis,removing dampness and cold,relieving dizziness and brain swelling,promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and other symptoms and curative effects,wormwood itself has the effect of expelling dampness and cold,and the pillow is just an important factor affecting sleep.Once combined, it can remove moisture and sleep well. Xiang kills two birds with one stone.

It is a very good health care product.Moxa pillow can clear the brain,improve eyesight,calm the nerves,treat insomnia,and at the same time,it can dredge the cerebral blood vessels,prevent the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis, and also has a therapeutic effect on cervical spondylosis.Moxa pillow is useful for computer cervical spondylosis and driver cervical spondylosis, and enhances the body's immunity.

4. Moxa velvet pillow filler has the effects of regulating menstruation and stopping bleeding, preventing miscarriage and stopping collapse, and dispelling cold and dehumidification.Treatment of irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain, miscarriage, uterine bleeding. Cure rheumatoid arthritis, head wind, monthly wind, etc.Moxa can ventilate qi and blood, warm the meridians, and while improving the body's immunity, it also has antibacterial and antiviral effects. The washed and dried mugwort leaves are processed into moxa velvet and put into pillows, which are soft and comfortable to sleep on.The fragrant smell of mugwort leaves pillows will quickly bring people into sweet dreams.

The above is all the knowledge about the function and efficacy of moxa pillows. Nowadays,people often use moxa as pillows, which have antibacterial,antiasthma, antitussive, expectorant, anticoagulant, and immune function enhancement effects.Hope it can help you all.In the home bedding, we must choose moxa and wormwood pillows that are good for our physical and mental health.

5. Our company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shaanxi Luonan Agricultural Products Processing Cooperative in 2019 to be responsible for the marketing of moxa series products. In 2020, it will inject capital into the wormwood factory, one of the Shahechuan poverty alleviation enterprises, and become a shareholder.At present, the wormwood series products produced by our company have been loved and welcomed by consumers.

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