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What is dried garlic slices

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Dehydrated garlic slices are neat in appearance, slightly yellow in color and pure in taste. They can be eaten or used as food raw and auxiliary materials. As long as it is soaked in warm water, it can be restored, and it is fresh in all seasons and is very popular in the market.

Dried garlic slices operation steps

Material selection--pretreatment--rinsing--slicing--re-rinsing--drying--drying--sieving and grading--packaging

Material selection

Use white-skinned garlic varieties with white color and large and neat garlic cloves, and choose garlic heads that are plump and full, with complete garlic cloves, no insect damage, and no mildew.


Remove the sediment and debris attached to the garlic head, subtract the roots, break open the garlic cloves, peel off the garlic skin, and remove the garlic cloves with disease spots, insect eyes and shriveled colors.


Pour the peeled garlic cloves into water, wash away impurities, and rinse off the garlic coat. To proceed to the next step as soon as possible, do not stack for too long to prevent the garlic cloves from discoloring.


Use a slicing machine or knife to slice the garlic cloves into 1.5-2.0 mm slices. Rinse while slicing to remove the glue that comes out of the garlic cloves when slicing. The slices should be uniform, otherwise, the drying will be uneven and affect the quality.

rinse again

Immediately introduce the chopped garlic slices into the bamboo basket, rinse thoroughly in running water to remove the glue and debris for the convenience of baking. Insufficient rinsing and drying can cause a tan.

throw water

Remove the rinsed garlic slices and spin dry. The water can also be drained to facilitate drying.dried garlic slices - CGhealthfood


Put the dried garlic slices into a metal sieve or stainless steel plate, put it into a drying room or oven, and bake it for 6 hours to 6 hours at a temperature of 60°C to 80°C, so that the water content of the garlic slices is about 5-6%. .

sieving and grading

Sieve the dried garlic slices to remove the crumbs, fragments and remaining garlic coat. Pour the selected garlic slices on the sorting table, remove impurities and yellow-brown slices, grains, etc., and then classify. Genuine garlic slices are slightly yellow, large, complete, flat, uniform in thickness, without fragments, and without peculiar smell. The defective product is yellow-brown, with small, incomplete, uneven, and uneven thickness. This process requires rapid operation, so as to prevent the garlic slices from absorbing moisture and returning moisture. The graded garlic slices should also be tested for water content once. If the water content exceeds 6%, it needs to be re-baked.


Garlic slices can be packaged after they have cooled at room temperature. It is usually packed in corrugated boxes, lined with moisture-proof aluminum foil bags and plastic bags, and put into storage after sealing. The warehouse should be dry, ventilated, free from odor and pests, and the temperature in the warehouse should preferably be around 10°C.

The main functions of garlic slices are as follows:

1. Can fight inflammation, prevent prostatitis, throat cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer, etc.

2. Garlic slices are rich in antioxidants, which can reduce the content of lipid peroxides in serum, enhance people's physique, promote blood circulation, and quickly relieve fatigue.

3. It can reduce fat, has the effect of lowering blood lipids, and can improve the body's absorption of glucose. Promotes insulin secretion and has a strong bactericidal effect.

How to eat garlic slices:

1. Eat raw:

Dehydrated garlic slices must be eaten raw, and if heated, it will lose a lot of nutrients, and the raw garlic should be cut into thin slices and placed for 15 minutes before eating. At this time, the garlic is fully combined with the oxygen in the air to form Allicin has very good anti-cancer and antioxidant effects;

2. Make garlic paste

Garlic is made into garlic paste, which is especially good for the human body to eat later, and is conducive to the human body's absorption and utilization of the nutrients in the garlic. When making, it is necessary to put the dehydrated garlic slices in a garlic mortar and smash them into a cake shape. Take out After adding a small amount of edible salt, balsamic vinegar and sesame oil, it can be eaten directly after mixing thoroughly, or it can be used as an ingredient for cold dishes.

3. Making candied garlic

Dehydrated garlic slices can also be fried into candy garlic for people to use, which can make the spicy taste of the garlic much lighter. During production, it is necessary to soak the dehydrated garlic slices in water for 2 to 3 days, put them in a clean container, and add After marinating, the sweet and sour garlic can taste crisp and tender, and the taste is slightly sweet.

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