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What is Chinese yam?

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Definition of Chinese yam

Dioscorea oppositifolia L. is a plant of Dioscorea genus of Dioscoreaceae, twining with herbaceous vines. The tuber is long cylindrical and grows vertically. The tuber is a commonly used Chinese medicine "Huai yam", which is rich in starch and can be used as vegetable food; It can fill the spleen and stomach loss, treat qi deficiency, indigestion, spermatorrhea, enuresis and unknown swelling.

Efficacy of Chinese Yam

Nourishing fitness, delaying aging

Studies have confirmed that yam can promote the brain to secrete dehydroepiandrosterone. Taking dehydroepiandrosterone can improve sleep, make you feel happy, energetic, young, and have a good appetite. It can also help you keep fit and delay aging.

Yam has the functions of nourishing cells, strengthening endocrine, strengthening the body's hematopoietic function, etc. It can induce interferon, improve the body's immune function, improve disease resistance, etc. It plays an important role in delaying the aging process.

Rectify astringency, strengthen intestines and stop diarrhea

Chinese yam tastes sweet, nourishing but not greasy, fragrant but not dry, and has a good effect on diarrhea due to spleen deficiency. Yam is a kind of medicine that can relax, nourish and strengthen. It can strengthen the spleen, stomach and intestines. It has a good effect on chronic diarrhea caused by gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease with arteriosclerosis

Yam is one of the ideal foods for the prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. It can regulate endocrine, replenish qi and dredge the arteries, improve coronary artery and microcirculation blood flow, and treat coronary heart disease and angina pectoris.yam fresh company

Enhances intelligence and brain

Yam is rich in nutrients, including starch, protein, mucus and other nutrients. In particular, the amylase has the function of hydrolyzing starch to glucose, which directly provides heat for the brain and plays an important role in brain building.

Yam is rich in choline and lecithin, which can help improve the memory of human brain. Yam is rich in nutrition, which can enhance the activity of nerve cells, nourish the heart, calm the mind, cure amnesia, nourish the heart and improve the intelligence, and enhance the memory function.

Tonifying deficiency and lowering blood sugar, treating diabetes

Yam is the best product for tonifying deficiency and has good curative effect on diabetes

Replenish qi, relieve cough and asthma

Yam has the effects of tonifying the lung and replenishing qi, nourishing yin and relieving cough, regulating the lung and resolving phlegm, and can treat lung deficiency, deficiency of qi and yin, shortness of breath, chronic cough, and asthenic asthma. Yam can nourish, nourish, induce interferon, enhance immunity, regulate endocrine, relieve cough and expectoration, and relieve asthma. It can treat chronic tracheitis.

Weight loss and beauty care

As a high nutritional food, yam contains a lot of starch and protein, b vitamins, vitamin c, vitamin e, glucose, crude protein amino acids, bile base, allantoin, etc. Among them, diosgenin soap, an important nutrient, is a precursor to the synthesis of female hormones. It has the effect of nourishing yin and yang, and enhancing metabolism. Dopamine in yam can dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation. It can improve the digestive function of the human body, strengthen the physique, and improve the moisturizing feeling and color of the skin. It contains enough fiber, which will produce a sense of fullness after eating, thus controlling the appetite. Secondly, yam itself is a kind of food with high nutrition and low calories. You can safely eat more without worrying about getting fat. The middle-aged and old people often eat yams to make themselves look young, make their skin ruddy and shiny, and glow with youthful appearance. For patients with fish scale skin disease, taking yam for a long time can make the skin white, smooth and moist.

Replenish essence and strengthen kidney, enhance sexual function

Yam calms the lung, spleen, kidney and triple energizer qi yin, fills the essence and strengthens the kidney, astringent essence and stops bleeding, making the qi and blood biochemical active. It is an essential medicine for deficiency of qi and yin and deficiency of lower energizer, and has a good effect on kidney deficiency, insomnia, premature ejaculation and impotence. It has a good effect on the decline of sexual function caused by kidney deficiency in middle-aged and elderly people.

Replenish essence and strengthen kidney, and treat the frequency of urination

When people reach old age, frequent urination is very common, especially frequent nocturnal urination, which is mainly due to the instability of kidney qi and the decline of kidney yang. Severe frequent urination causes great pain to the elderly, affecting their life and health. However, regular consumption of yam can replenish essence and strengthen the kidney, which has a significant effect on the treatment of frequent urination.

Rich in organic germanium for cancer treatment

Yam is rich in many trace elements beneficial to human body, especially organic germanium, which has anti-cancer effect in germanium. Chinese yam has the characteristics of warm tonic without sudden, slight fragrance without dryness, so it is very suitable for cancer patients.

Enhance the digestion and absorption function of human body, and treat anorexia and dyspepsia

Yam can strengthen the spleen and stomach, make the spleen and stomach move well, enhance the digestion and absorption function of the human body, increase appetite, strengthen the physique, and have a good effect on anorexia, anorexia and dyspepsia in children.

It is soft and firm, and it can be used to treat redness, swelling and induration, and hard and unulcerative tuberculosis

The external application of Chinese yam ramming mud has the effect of softening and firming, and can treat redness, swelling and induration, and hard tuberculosis. And for mastitis, breast pain, boils, chilblain and other inflammatory diseases have good effect.

Strengthen bone and treat osteomalacia

The mucopolysaccharides in yam can form bone after being combined with inorganic salts to make the cartilage have a certain elasticity, so it has a certain effect on rickets.

Prevent connective tissue atrophy and collagen disease

Yam can prevent the atrophy of connective tissue in liver and kidney, prevent collagen disease, and maintain the lubrication of digestive tract, respiratory tract, and joint cavity.

It can make people smart

Chinese yam is good for strength, muscle and yin. Eating Chinese yam often can make people smart, light and not hungry, and prolong life.

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