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What are the benefits of green tea

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The concept of green tea

 Green tea, one of the main tea types in China, refers to a drink made from the new leaves or buds of the tea tree, unfermented, and processed through greening, shaping, drying and other processes.

Green tea is unfermented tea, which retains the natural substances of fresh leaves, and contains more nutrients such as tea polyphenols, catechins, chlorophyll, caffeine, amino acids, and vitamins. These natural nutrients in green tea have special effects on anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, sterilization, and anti-inflammatory, which are beyond the reach of other teas. Green tea is a kind of tea made from typical processes such as fixing, rolling and drying, which are suitable for the new shoots of tea trees. Its dry tea color, brewed tea soup, and the bottom of the leaves are mainly green, hence the name green tea. Green tea is made by first killing the fresh leaves picked at high temperature, killing various oxidative enzymes and keeping the green color of the tea leaves, and then rolling and drying them.

The processing of green tea is simply divided into three steps: fixing, rolling and drying. The key is to fix the green. The fresh leaves are killed and the enzyme activity is passivated, and the various chemical components contained in it are basically physical and chemical changes by thermal action without the influence of enzymes, thus forming the quality characteristics of green tea.

The characteristics of green tea

The characteristics of green tea: Green tea is one of the six major types of tea. It has no fermentation process, and its properties are relatively cold. Green tea has the characteristics of clear soup and green leaves. The taste is refreshing and sweet, and the bottom of the leaves is green and bright; green tea is divided into steamed green tea, sun-dried green tea, roasted green tea, and fried green tea; its production process is picking, spreading, killing, rolling and drying.

The efficacy of green tea

 The efficacy of green tea has the following points: first, to delay aging, because green tea is rich in a variety of vitamins and trace elements, which has many benefits to the human body; second, to inhibit cardiovascular disease, because green tea contains It is rich in tea polyphenols, and tea polyphenols play an important role in the metabolism of human fat; third, anti-cancer and anti-cancer, because tea polyphenols can block various carcinogens such as ammonium nitrite, and have direct killing effects. Cancer cells and the role of improving the body's immunity; Fourth, radiation protection, tea polyphenols and its oxidation products have the ability to absorb radioactive substances.

Precautions for drinking green tea: people with cold stomach should not drink green tea; new tea should not be drunk; people with anemia should not drink; not drink after drinking; not drink during fever and medication; not drink before going to bed.

How to identify green teagreen tea - CGhealthfood

Look at the color, the color of the finished green tea is emerald green or yellow-green, oily and shiny, if the color is bright and fresh, it means it is new tea, good tea, if the color is dull and there is no luster at all, It means that it is old tea, bad tea. see color

If you feel the shape, the green tea of good quality, the shape is straight and even, the pekoe is exposed, and it feels very complete and firm. If you feel the cords are loose, the shapes are different, the thicknesses are different, the lines are messy and there are tea stems, it means the tea The quality is not very good.

Smell the aroma, the top-grade green tea has a light fragrance, and the orchid fragrance is a light chestnut fragrance. If the tea leaves are mixed with other unknown smells, it indicates that the quality of the tea is not good.

Taste, good quality green tea will have a slight bitterness, but the aftertaste is rich, sweet and fresh, and the mouth is full of saliva; old and inferior green tea is bland and tasteless, but also has astringency.

Looking at the tea, after brewing good-quality green tea, the tea soup appears emerald green, clear and bright, and contains clear green leaves.

The degree of dryness and wetness, after the tea is picked, it needs to go through the drying and other processes before it can be used for drinking. It is suggested that you can use your fingers to pick up an appropriate amount of tea leaves and rub them gently. If it can be easily rubbed into powder, it means that it is new tea and good tea. If it is obviously difficult, it means that the tea leaves are damp and old tea.

According to the variety, the characteristics of different types of tea are naturally different. If it is Mingqian tea, the color is a relatively natural brown beige color. , should be judged according to the specific situation, not too rigid.

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