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What are moxibustion stickers and their benefits?

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What are moxibustion stickers

Before we get to know the moxibustion notes, let's talk about what moxibustion is. Moxibustion is a method to prevent or treat diseases by taking moxa leaves as raw materials and making moxa wool, and then making moxa sticks or moxa sticks with moxa wool as the main material. Moxibustion is one of the common external treatment methods in traditional Chinese medicine, which can warm meridians and dissipate cold, promote qi and dredge collaterals, strengthen yang, lift yang, and expel toxin and heat. Moxibustion sticker is an upgraded version of traditional moxibustion. It is made of 7 years of Agkistrodon argyi, 16 precious Chinese herbs, and a medicine bag extracted from pure herbs. It is easy to use and can be used for moxibustion anytime and anywhere.

Product efficacy

Yiqi Moxibustion is a black technology physical therapy product that combines heat effect, efficacy and moxibustion effect. It can really imitate the moxibustion process under smokeless and fire free conditions. It uses gem grade tourmaline mineral powder, volcanic ash, energy stone and other substances to keep the temperature of the moxibustion stick at 43 ℃, rapidly infiltrate nano grade small molecule drug ingredients into the skin surface, directly reach the acupoints, comb the qi and blood, remove cold and moisture through the conduction of human meridians, To achieve the effect of pain relief, insist on using can effectively improve your sub-health symptoms. A convenient and effective moxibustion sticker containing more precious Chinese medicinal materials, adopting more scientific and technological infrared nanotechnology and self heating medicine package: it can quickly penetrate the skin, dredge the meridians, dispel wind and cold. It has a very powerful auxiliary and therapeutic effect on a series of diseases such as fatigue, sub-health, cervical spondylosis, shoulder periarthritis, backache, uterine cold, dysmenorrhea, rheumatic diseases, stomach pain, stomach cold, bone hyperplasia and so on, which appear in different groups such as modern office workers, school students, mobile phone controllers, white-collar workers, chinese moxibustion stick

Specific efficacy

Warming meridians and dispelling cold can promote the movement of human qi and blood. Normal life activities depend on the function of qi and blood. When qi circulates, blood circulates, and when qi stagnates, blood stasis occurs. Blood flows in the meridians, and is completely pushed by "qi". Therefore, only when qi circulates, can blood flow smoothly. However, there are many reasons that may affect the operation of qi and blood, such as "cold leads to qi contraction, and heat leads to qi disease", indicating that cold and heat affect the operation of qi and blood. The qi is cold and the blood is astringent, and the blood runs slowly and tends to coagulate and get sick. Therefore, moxibustion can be used to warm the meridians and dissipate cold, so as to keep the blood running normally. Therefore, moxibustion is very effective in treating arthralgia syndrome, diarrhea and other diseases caused by stagnant blood cold and stagnation.

It can promote the circulation of qi and collaterals, and enhance the disease resistance of the human body. All parts of the human body are distributed with meridians, which connect the internal organs and external muscles, and are the key to connect the internal and external and regulate the normal operation of the body. The corresponding acupuncture points of moxibustion can dredge the meridians, harmonize the qi and blood, balance the function, and enhance the disease resistance of the human body.

Help the Yang to stay away and save the dying. Yang Qi is the foundation of human health, and life span is also related to whether Yang Qi is healthy or not. Yang disease leads to excessive yin, and excessive yin leads to cold. It can be cured by moxibustion. Moxibustion at Guanyuan, Shenque and other acupoints can help the Yang to firm off, return to the Yang to save the enemy, and save the dying. The wormwood leaf has the nature of pure yang. In addition, the fire belongs to yang, and the two yang get each other, which can often play the best role. Apoplexy, acute abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, dysentery and other emergencies can be treated with moxibustion.

Raise the yang and sink, restore the normal function of the body. Weakness and unsteadiness of yang qi can lead to deficiency in the upper part and weakness in the lower part, and depression of qi can lead to prolapse of the anus, yin stiffness, metrorrhagia, chronic diarrhea, and fetal slippage. Therefore, moxibustion can not only help invigorate qi and warm the yang, lift the yang, and stabilize the fetus and firm the menstruation, but also can treat the unsteadiness of yang and loose striae, such as prolapse of the anus, yin stiffness, and chronic diarrhea.

Detoxify and release heat, regulate body functions. For a long time, people have believed that moxibustion is mainly used to treat cold syndrome, and many doctors have proposed that moxibustion is prohibited for heat syndrome, but some doctors agree that moxibustion is used for heat syndrome. As long as it is used properly, moxibustion can not only dissipate cold, but also clear away heat, and has a two-way regulating effect on the body.

Disease prevention and health care, disease prevention in advance. Traditional Chinese medicine has always attached great importance to disease prevention, and put forward the ideas of "preventing disease before it happens" and "treating disease before it happens". Besides curing diseases, moxibustion plays a role in disease prevention and health care. It is one of the traditional methods of disease prevention and health care. As the folk saying goes, "If you want to keep your body safe, you should not do it for three miles", which means that moxibustion at Zusanli can play a role in keeping fit. Moxibustion can prevent infectious diseases. Moxibustion can warm the yang and replenish the deficiency. Regular moxibustion at Zusanli and Zhongwan can strengthen the stomach. The stomach is the sea of water and grain. Rong Weizhi's viscera and six fu organs are all affected by its qi. If the stomach qi is constant, the qi and blood will be full, and the human body will be healthy; Life gate is the foundation of human beings. Regular moxibustion can ensure sufficient yang qi; Guanyuan and Qihai are the places where essence and blood are stored. Moxibustion can make essence and blood sufficient, so as to enhance human immunity and achieve the role of disease prevention and health care.

usage method

Tear the package, open the medicine package, and pour the wormwood essential oil onto the medicine package. The essential oil can accelerate the penetration of the skin and promote the absorption of the medicine package into the body. Then tear the centrifugal paper on one side, expose the adhesive tape, and paste it on the skin. Then tear the centrifugal paper on the other three sides, and paste them separately. The medicine package will keep fever for 6-8 hours. The used medicine package can also be used to soak feet or take a bath, to remove dampness and cold in the body, and to help sleep.

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