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What are lavender essential oils good for?

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 The concept of lavender essential oil: lavender essential oil is a volatile aromatic substance extracted from lavender using certain extraction techniques.

Uses and benefits:

Lavender essential oil has restorative properties.People with acne,after using lavender essential oil,can find that acne is much better,and it can also make acne marks fade away.Lavender essential oil can also inhibit the regeneration of acne and improve the skin.It can improve dark circles caused by poor sleep quality.It can make the skin fairer and prevent the appearance of wrinkles at the same time.It can also help fight mosquito bites.Especially in the season when there are more mosquitoes in summer,using lavender essential oil can also eliminate the swelling feeling after the bite.Has a cosmetic effect.Using lavender essential oil can achieve the effect of cleansing,oil control and deep cleaning of skin dirt.And lavender essential oil can also control the secretion of skin oil, shrink pores and promote cell regeneration.Can help regulate emotions.After using lavender essential oil,it can relieve people's anxiety and relieve people's fatigue.Lavender Essential Oil Side Effects (Contraindications):Lavender essential oil should not be used during pregnancy.Since there are many other ingredients in lavender essential oil except lavender essence,pregnant women cannot use it casually,and it cannot be used in facial skin care products.It is best to use special skin care products for pregnant women.Sensitive skin does not have to be used.If the skin is too sensitive,it is best not to use a single essential oil,so as not to cause skin allergies.Use lavender essential oil without sun exposure.After wiping with lavender essential oil, do not expose it to the sun,otherwise the skin will be easily sunburned,and the unilateral essential oil is not only difficult to be digested and absorbed by the skin,but will turn into pressure on the skin and produce grease stains.

How to use: Lavender essential oil-cghealthfood

1.Steam fumigation

Pour clear water into the water container of the aromatherapy stove, add 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil, light the candle and place it in the aromatherapy stove,wait for the heat to release the essence oil in the water slowly,mix different essential oils and drop them into the aromatherapy stove, You can get different effects and help create different atmospheres.

2.Inhalation method

Pour nearly boiling hot water into a glass or porcelain washbasin,choose 1-3 kinds of essential oils and drop them in the hot water,the total number should not exceed six drops.After fully stirring the essential oils,cover the entire head and face with a large bath towel Cover the basin,breathe alternately through the mouth and nose, and maintain it for 5-10 minutes.


Health massage generally starts from the back,put both hands on both sides of the spine above the buttocks,with the palms facing down,move along the sides of the vertebrae towards the shoulders,and when it reaches the neck, turn the hands outward,massage the two flanks while massaging the shoulders,and then return to the body.To the starting point, the massage must be done in one go,do not stop in the middle,dilute 2-3 kinds of unilateral essential oils,totaling 3 drops,into 3-4ml of plant massage oil,and use it on the face,head, neck,shoulders or body Massage,massage can strengthen blood circulation and eliminate toxins in the body.Different essential oils have different curative effects.It is recommended to go to a professional beauty salon to use it under the guidance of professionals.

4.Cold, hot compress

Add 3-6 drops of aromatic essential oil into cold (hot) water, stir evenly, soak in a towel, wring out the towel,apply it on the face, and gently press the towel covering the face with both hands to make the essence oil Water can penetrate into the skin as much as possible,repeat the above steps 5-`10 times,when massaging the body parts,the ratio of water and essential oil is about 200ML cold water and 5 drops of essential oil,and only 1 drop is enough for the face. Cold compresses can relieve,calm,soothe,and relieve pain,while hot compresses can help promote blood circulation,detoxify or increase skin penetration.

5.Acne removal method

Squeeze out the acne that is longer than the face,use a cotton swab,apply a little lavender essential oil directly on the acne to treat acne,and quickly restore redness and swelling,and at the same time stop bleeding.

6.Beauty by smearing

After blending lavender essential oil and base oil, it is used as skin care products.Generally,10 ml of base oil is added to about 5 drops of lavender essential oil, and it can be used directly after cleansing,because lavender essential oil itself has a mild and versatile effect,and is suitable for skin care.Any skin type, so long-term use will continue to improve skin quality.

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