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The wormwood foot bath kit

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Mugwort is a widely used medicine. It is also the practice of many health care workers to make wormwood bags with wormwood to soak their feet in hot water. Many people use wormwood bags to soak their feet in hot water, and feel comfortable using wormwood to soak their feet. In fact, wormwood foot bath is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment. So, what are the benefits of wormwood feet? The following will give a detailed introduction to the benefits of wormwood foot bath.Wormwood foot bath kit- CGhealthfood

1. Soaking wormwood feet to dispel deficiency heat and cold fire: Some people are very likely to cause oral ulcers, stomatitis, otitis media, sore throat and other symptoms because of the strong deficiency or cold fire in the body. If you boil the wormwood and water together, soak your feet in wormwood water for a while until the whole body sweats slightly. Then drink some warm water, if you continue to soak your feet with wormwood for two or three days, eat less cold food, and pay attention to rest, you can alleviate this disease very well.

2. The wormwood foot bath can dispel cold: washing the feet with warm water will promote the blood circulation system and drive away the cold and dampness of the body. In addition, the wormwood can dredge the meridians and regulate the yin and yang. Soak the feet with wormwood to keep the meridians smooth, and of course the body's coldness will not be able to stay.

3. Wormwood soaks your feet to remove beriberi and athlete's foot: Mugwort has anti-bacterial, anti-viral treatment, anti-allergic, and enhances human immunity. Long-term persistent use of wormwood to soak your feet can reasonably remove athlete's foot and athlete's foot.

4. Wormwood foot bath for cold treatment: From the pharmacological point of view, the wormwood leaf tastes slightly bitter, warm, and has the effect of promoting qi and blood circulation. The wormwood foot bath can promote sweating and has a certain healing effect for mild colds and colds. . When you catch a cold, runny nose, sore throat, sore body, and fever, you can use 100g of wormwood leaf to put 2500ml of water, boil it for 30 minutes, and then put it to a temperature suitable for not getting hot. Let your feet soak in the basin for 15 minutes, rub the soles of your feet while soaking, soak your body to sweat, and drink brown sugar ginger water to expel viral infections and cold fire immediately, pay attention to rest, fever and cold will be cured quickly.

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