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The wormwood Essential Oil Soap

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Wormwood soap has the effect of preventing diseases and can also improve one's own resistance. In particular, wormwood has skin-beauty and nourishment, reduces skin dullness, increases brightness, and wormwood also has the effects of warming meridians, dispelling dampness, dispelling cold and reducing swelling. Wormwood also has the effects of warming menstruation, stopping bleeding, relieving pain and relieving itching, and has the effect of treating irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, and anti-fetus. It can also assist in the treatment of bronchitis and tonsillitis.china handmade essential oil soap - CGhealthfood

Wormwood Handmade Soap is made by squeezing fresh wormwood juice instead of water-phase soap to make a piece of wormwood soap with delicious color and fragrance. Wormwood soap has the green and astringent odor of wormwood itself, which is pure and natural without any chemical additives, so it is very safe.

Wormwood soap has a good inhibitory effect on eczema, allergies, flushing, and itching. The fresh wormwood scent can also fight against mosquito bites and promote sleep. It is especially suitable for young children’s delicate skin. The fresh medicinal scent increases the mild sterilization and anti-acne effects, and brings refreshing fragrance enjoyment to every cleansing and bathing.

Wormwood soap does not contain any non-natural ingredients, no coloring, no preservatives, and no soap base. All are made of high-quality pure natural vegetable oils and organic ingredients. While being pure and clean, it also plays the role of skin care, helps the skin restore the balance of water and oil, fine pores, and even and clean skin tone.

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