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The importance of nourishing liver in spring

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 On the afternoon of April 19, a weekly meeting of the company's internal partners was held: at the meeting, the company announced the reward policy for recruiting "health messengers" by the company's members, accelerated the recruitment of members, and increased the promotion and influence of the platform;

On the afternoon of April 20th, the Xi'an Clinic Alliance kick-off preparatory meeting was organized by the group. The founder Dr. Sun preached the start-up plan and process. 10 powerful clinics formed the backbone of the alliance to participate in the preparations for the alliance formation conference;

The importance of nourishing liver in spring - CGhealthfood

 On April 21, the procedures for the change and renewal of the company’s legal person have been completed, which is a pavement for the future development of the company’s business;

 Visited Xinqi Manager's platform, fully communicated and understood the company's products on the Xinqi Manager's platform video account live broadcast and other related matters, and reached an agreement for better cooperation in the future.

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Trained employees on moxibustion knowledge. This week’s content is "The importance of liver nourishing in spring. 6 acupoints of moxibustion make the liver healthy"

1. When the body has the following 5 conditions, it indicates that the liver has begun to be damaged: loss of appetite, often feeling tired, the liver is not only the body's detoxification organ, but also a part of the body's digestive system. If it is damaged, it will inevitably cause loss of appetite. The skin turns yellow, and the liver is wood. If the liver qi is excessive, stagnation of liver qi will occur, the face will turn yellow, and the iris of the eyes will turn yellow. In poor mood, Chinese medicine believes that people with a bad liver are easy to get upset and angry for no reason. Have a tantrum; bitter mouth and bad breath, this is caused by the liver qi is not smooth, stasis is caused, need to detox, etc.;

2. Moxibustion on the following 6 acupoints can effectively improve and solve the above problems: Ganshu acupoint can nourish the liver and nourish the liver; Qimen acupoint can soothe the liver and promote blood circulation and remove stasis; Zhangmen acupoint can regulate the liver and nourish the liver and strengthen the spleen To transport qi and blood; Ququan point can nourish yin and activate liver, clear dampness and heat; Xingjian point can lightly relieve liver fire, soothe the liver and regulate qi; Dadun point can regulate liver meridian qi and blood, and relieve emotions.

3. Because the constitution of each body is quite different, the experience and effect of moxibustion acupoints will be different.

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