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The function of lavender essential oil

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The effect of lavender essential oil in calming, soothing and helping sleep has been confirmed by a large number of experiments. However, it should be noted that lavender essential oil only helps and promotes sleep, and has an auxiliary effect on patients with long-term insomnia. I am afraid that it will not work with him to treat insomnia.natural essential oils for sale- CGhealthfood

There are many ways to use lavender to promote sleep. You can drop essential oils in an aromatherapy lamp to slowly diffuse the essential oils. For those who do not have an aromatherapy lamp, you can drop lavender essential oil directly on a piece of white paper before going to bed and place it next to your pillow to promote sleep. You can also buy dried lavender flowers directly and put them in the room. It is not recommended to buy products with invisible contents such as lavender sachets. Many of these products use lavender essence, which cannot achieve the effect of promoting sleep.

Relax muscles and relieve fatigue

In addition to acting on the central nervous system, lavender essential oil can relax smooth muscles, relax muscles, relax blood vessels, relieve stress and relieve fatigue. In practical applications, it is mainly about diluting lavender essential oil with base oil, and then using manual massage to relax the muscles and relieve fatigue. This effect is widely used in aromatherapy.

Antibacterial effect

The narrow-leaf lavender in lavender has excellent antibacterial and fungal inhibitory effects. Studies have shown that lavender essential oil can inhibit the growth of 17 bacteria and 10 fungi. The antibacterial effect of lavender essential oil can reduce the symptoms of psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases.

The antibacterial effect of lavender can explain why some cold patients can relieve cold symptoms after using lavender essential oil. Some friends with acne have improved after using lavender essential oil. However, it should be noted that although lavender essential oil has an antibacterial effect, it has very limited effect on more severe inflammation. In the medical field, lavender is used for antibacterial, after purification, it belongs to the medical grade, which is different from the lavender used in cosmetics. Therefore, friends who use lavender to treat acne will find that although there is improvement, the effect is not particularly satisfactory.

Reduce scars

The mechanism of action of lavender essential oil on scars is not very clear. In terms of actual use effects, using lavender essential oil during the skin healing period can help reduce scar tissue. For the scars that have already formed, it can play a very limited role.

The skin care effects of lavender

Among the many functions of lavender, the effects of balancing oil secretion and controlling oil are often mentioned. But I did not find a convincing research report. I am skeptical of this effect. Anyone who has seen the relevant research report can remind me. Friends who have used lavender essential oil and lavender hydrosol can tell if there is any oil control effect.

Some research institutes have conducted experiments to prove that the ingredients in lavender can scavenge and inhibit free radicals to achieve the purpose of anti-oxidation. But the effect is not strong. Therefore, some propaganda that lavender has whitening and anti-aging effects have a certain experimental basis, but the effect is not particularly obvious, and it may be felt after long-term use.

Lavender's acne-removing effect has been analyzed above, and it can only play a supporting role, and most of it will be disappointed if you rely on it to remove acne. In the early stage of formation of acne marks, using lavender essential oil can help eliminate skin inflammation and reduce the possibility of forming acne marks and scars. The effect is very limited for the formed acne marks and scars.

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