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The efficacy of wormwood

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Wormwood Kuzao Xin San, can regulate qi and blood, warm meridians, eliminate cold and dampness, relieve cold pain, and is an essential medicine for gynecology. It is used to treat cold and painful abdominal abdomen, irregular menstruation, cold uterus and infertility. Charcoal to stop bleeding can be used to treat deficiency-cold menorrhagia, uterine bleeding, pregnancy fetal leakage, such as Jiao Ai Decoction. This product is pounded to make moxa sticks and moxa sticks. External moxibustion can dispel cold and relieve pain, and warm blood. Decoction and external washing can cure wet sores and scabies, dispel dampness and relieve itching.

Wormwood has a history of thousands of years in preventing plagues. Chinese herbal medicine can be obtained locally, and pharmacological studies in modern medicine have shown that wormwood is a broad-spectrum antibacterial and antiviral drug, which has inhibitory and killing effects on many viruses and bacteria. , It has a certain preventive effect on respiratory diseases. The wormwood fumigation method is a simple and easy method.

Wormwood has antibacterial and antiviral effects; anti-asthmatic, antitussive and expectorant effects; hemostatic and anticoagulant effects; sedative and anti-allergic effects; liver and choleretic effects. Mugwort can be used in recipes such as "Artemisia argyi tea", "Artemisia argyi soup" and "Artemisia porridge" to enhance the body's resistance to diseases.

Wormwood has a special fragrance, which has the effect of repelling mosquitoes. Therefore, the ancients often hung wormwood in front of the door to prevent evil spirits and to drive away mosquitoes.

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