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The effect of moxibustion paste

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Moxibustion patch is a modern new type of moxibustion method that combines traditional moxibustion therapy with modern material technology.

Specifically, the moxibustion leaves are first subjected to the process of removing impurities and purification processing to make a moxibustion stick with a relatively thin diameter, and then fix the moxibustion stick on the self-adhesive base. In this way, the moxibustion stick can be directly placed on the moxibustion acupuncture point and pressed tightly, and the moxibustion stick can be lit for treatment.

The effect of moxibustion paste is not essentially different from that of traditional moxibustion. Both can eliminate cold pathogens, warm the meridians and relieve pain. It is equally effective in treating deficiency-cold diseases and pain-related diseases.

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1. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory

Use the moxibustion patch to stick to the joints, you will find that after doing this for a long time, it can effectively relieve pain and reduce inflammation

Some arthritis is more severe, but after using the moxibustion patch, it is well regulated , But it should be remembered that moxibustion sticks can only serve as an auxiliary treatment effect, and cannot be used as the main treatment. 

If the condition is more serious, you should still go to the hospital.

2. Improve rheumatism

Rheumatism is actually a very serious disease. If this disease is not improved and treated for a long time, it may cause other complications and cause our body to become paralyzed. 

We should all know that in any disease, the main body of the disease is not It’s not the most scary thing. What is afraid of is a series of complications caused by this subject. Therefore, moxibustion sticks can improve rheumatism and prevent the occurrence of complications caused by rheumatism.

3.improve immunity

The immunity mentioned here does not mean preventing colds or fevers and other diseases, but it can prevent the recurrence of various symptoms such as gout and rheumatism. 

When our body’s immunity is too low, these symptoms, the recurrence is relatively normal, so if you want to control the disease, you should improve your own immunity.

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