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The effect of moxa paste

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The effect of moxa paste

1. Regulate the stomach and intestines

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Because many women have irregular daily routines and messy diets, a large number of people have gastrointestinal problems, and gastrointestinal problems can only be dealt with after long-term care, such as eating more warm foods or using wormwood. Posting is also possible. Moxa navel paste is mainly made of pepper, longan and wormwood. Putting it on the navel can warm and nourish yang, regulate the intestines and stomach, so that the stomach and intestines can slowly return to a healthy state, and prevent gastrointestinal problems.

2. Acne and spot removal

Spots and acne are caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body. Applying wormwood balls to the belly button helps to excrete bowel movements and slowly excrete the toxins in the body, so acne and spots can be effectively reduced.

3. Relieve dysmenorrhea and cold palace

Women who come to the aunt are most afraid of dysmenorrhea. The slight pain can be tolerated. If it is so painful that you can't get up, it will not only be painful, but also affect work and study. Some people may even faint. In fact, many people's dysmenorrhea are caused by the incomplete discharge of congestion caused by contractions. The blood volume on the first day of each menstruation is very small. If the congestion cannot be discharged, it will cause blockage, and of course the stomach will be painful. Applying wormwood to the belly button can help drain the congestion, and the dysmenorrhea will be well relieved.

The method of using wormwood paste is very simple. The first is to stick it on the belly button. The belly button is also the Shenque point of people. Put the wormwood balls into the belly button every night before going to bed, and then stick them with gauze. It can be very warm throughout the night. Physically, get rid of the cold from your body, and you will feel much better the next day. The second is to stick it on the soles of the feet, preferably at the Yongquan point, and also wrap it with gauze. This method can warm the feet, promote the flow of blood and improve the phenomenon of body cold.

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