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The characteristics and functions of moxa cushion

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The moxa filled in the cushion comes from China's "Aidu" and Li Shizhen's hometown Qichun, Hubei. "Qi Ai" contains twice the trace elements, warming properties, and medicinal effects of ordinary wormwood. It is also made by industry insiders. , Moxa raw materials. The wormwood used to make the cushion is picked from the wormwood during the Dragon Boat Festival. The trace elements and heat release of the wormwood are the best compared to other producing areas. It is the raw material of wormwood and moxa sticks designated by Chinese medicine practitioners.

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The seat cushion is thick and flexible, cushioning the hips enough, and the temperature is adjustable in two levels, low temperature 30° and high temperature 50°, it only takes 6 to 10 minutes to complete the heating.

1. For people who work at the desk for a long time, add a set of wormwood pillows to the seat, which can dispel the wind and relieve the pressure, and relax the body and mind.

2. The moxa cushion relies on the moxa leaf to warm the skewers. By approaching the body parts, it emits warm temperature, stimulates acupuncture points, accelerates local blood circulation, dissipates the cold in the body, and warms our cold hands and feet.

3. After sitting on the moxa cushion, I can feel the abdomen as if there is hot air, which continuously fills the body. This is actually the heat generated by the action of moxa and body temperature, and it comes with warming meridian to dispel cold, yang and blood circulation, antibacterial and disinfection. The effect of.

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