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The best way to eat Chinese wolfberry: three effects of Chinese wolfberry soaking in water

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Lycium barbarum has the effects of nourishing yin and blood, nourishing liver and kidney, and benefiting intelligence. When Lu you was old, his eyes were dim. He often ate Chinese wolfberry. He also left a poem "after snow, the bell chimes in the thatched cottage, and a cup of Chinese wolfberry in the morning". Lycium barbarum is mild in tonic Chinese medicine because of its mild nature and sweet taste. Some people always have Chinese wolfberry for soaking in water, cooking porridge, and even chewing a few every day. However, not everyone is suitable for eating Chinese wolfberry.

Functions of Lycium barbarum

Lycium barbarum has the effects of protecting liver, anti fatigue and anti-aging. It can enhance immunity and is suitable for people with low resistance and weak body. Generally speaking, people with low immunity can eat it all year round. It is suitable to cook porridge or soup with Chinese wolfberry in winter, which can be matched with jujube, yam, etc; Medlar can be soaked in water or eaten raw in summer, but it should not be compatible with warm tonics (such as longan, red ginseng, jujube, etc.), nor should it be made into medicinal wine with yellow rice wine or Baijiu. If you soak in water, it is better to soak in water in the afternoon as tea. You can also add chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, hawthorn, honey, etc. to improve your physique and facilitate sleep. However, it should be noted that medlar should not be matched with green tea because the tannins in green tea have astringent adsorption.wolfberry powder price - CGhealthfood

People with damp heat and phlegm dampness in the body should not eat medlar powder

Chinese wolfberry has the effect of warming the body while nourishing. Therefore, people with damp heat and phlegm dampness in the body, such as those with high blood pressure, impatient temper, red face due to eating a lot of meat on weekdays, and those with colds, fever, inflammation and diarrhea, should not eat it. Otherwise, they will not achieve the health preservation effect, but may also aggravate the disease. Secondly, people with weak spleen and stomach and indigestion should not eat Lycium barbarum in hot summer, otherwise they will suffer from loss of appetite, fullness of stomach or vomiting of sour water. Thirdly, the effect of Chinese wolfberry on tonifying the kidney and benefiting the essence is obvious. There is a popular saying that "when you travel thousands of miles, don't eat Chinese wolfberry"; Modern studies have shown that Lycium barbarum has the function of excitatory nerve, which can enhance sexual function. It should not be taken by people who are usually hypersexual. In addition, Lycium barbarum has a high sugar content, so diabetes patients should not overdose it.

The best way to eat Chinese wolfberry powder is to eat it raw

It is to wash the Chinese wolfberry with running water and put it in your mouth to chew, so that the effective ingredients can be absorbed more fully. For health care, wolfberry should be eaten in small amount at regular intervals. It should not be eaten in large quantities at one time. It is appropriate for healthy adults to eat about 20g a day, and the therapeutic use can be increased to 30g.

Chinese wolfberry powder soaked in water is more healthy

1. Tonifying the kidney

Wolfberry fruit has been a good medicine for tonifying the kidney since ancient times. In the Jin Dynasty, Gehong used medlar juice alone to treat eye diseases; In Tang Dynasty, Sun Simiao used wolfberry fruit and other drugs to make liver tonifying pills to treat liver meridian deficiency and cold, and his eyes were dim; The Wuziyanzong pill in the introduction to medicine by Li Ting of the Tang Dynasty is a honey pill made of medlar and dodder, which is taken with light salt water to treat impotence, premature ejaculation, long-term infertility, early onset of puberty and the afterglow after urination. Modern medicine also uses white mouse experiments to show that Lycium barbarum really has a unique role in promoting renal function.

2. Hair growth prevention

Because the growth of hair is closely related to the health of kidney and blood circulation, and Lycium barbarum just plays a good role in tonifying the kidney and promoting blood circulation, so Lycium barbarum is also one of the good drugs to prevent hair loss. Soaking wolfberry fruit in water is very suitable for hair loss patients. It can effectively improve the internal circulation of the human body and create a natural and healthy environment for the growth of hair.

3. Enhance immunity

Lycium barbarum can comprehensively enhance the immune capacity of the human body. It also has a very good effect on inhibiting tumor growth and cell mutation. It has a health care and promoting effect on the internal organs and blood circulation of the human body. It is very suitable for people with weak physique and poor resistance.

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