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Shiitake mushrooms' efficacy

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Shiitake mushrooms is the top grade of mushrooms. It is known as "mountain treasure". It is famous at home and abroad for its large flower, thick mushroom, low water content and long preservation period. The production of shiitake mushrooms maintains the natural and pure characteristics. It is well-known in the mushroom jar for its pure flavor and clean ice muscle. It is also known as the best treasure on the table because of its beautiful, crisp and delicious appearance.  

1. Edible population of dried mushroom

It can be eaten by ordinary people, especially for patients with urination, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, gallstones, anemia, infantile rickets, dizziness, cold, measles, mucosal ulcer, skin inflammation and bad blood on the gums.dried shiitake company-CGhealthfood

2. Medicinal value of dehydrated shiitake mushrooms

Mushroom has always been used by the Chinese people as a tonic to prolong life. It can regulate human metabolism, help digestion, reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, prevent liver cirrhosis, eliminate gallstones, prevent rickets and so on. It is known as the "Queen of plants". According to the compendium of Materia Medica, shiitake mushrooms are flat in nature and sweet in taste. They can replenish the spleen and stomach, replenish qi, Nourish qi without hunger, cure wind and break blood, dissipate phlegm and regulate qi, benefit taste and help food, and manage urination. It is mainly used for anorexia, lack of qi and fatigue.

According to Modern Practical Traditional Chinese medicine, vitamin D in mushroom can prevent rickets, and adenine contained in mushroom can reduce cholesterol, treat anemia, treat hypertension and prevent liver cirrhosis. According to the World Health Organization, polysaccharide extracted from shiitake mushrooms has a good anti-cancer effect. In recent years, mushrooms have also made new breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of AIDS.  

3.  Efficacy and function of dried mushrooms shiitake

The efficacy and function of shiitake mushrooms are mainly reflected in its nutritional value. Mushroom can improve our immune ability. Lentinus edodes is a polysaccharide, so it can improve the phagocytosis of macrophages in the abdominal cavity of mice. At the same time, it can also promote the production of T lymphocytes. It can also delay aging.dehydrated shiitake mushroomsfor sale-CGhealthfood

The efficacy and function of mushroom are not only these. Mushroom itself has a large amount of vitamin C, so it can reduce blood pressure, blood lipid and cholesterol, which can not be matched by other drugs. Mushroom not only has the function of health preservation, but also has a good function of beauty, because it is sweet and flat in nature, has the function of tonifying the liver and kidney, as well as the magical function of benefiting intelligence, calming the mind and beautifying the face.

Edible mushroom can play a good role in anti-cancer. When it enters the human body, there will be a large number of anti-cancer interferon, which also has a certain protective function for our body.

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