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Shandong Black Garlic


Crispy Garlic Description

1、 Product Name: black garlic, also known as fermented black garlic, is also known as "blood vessel scavenger".

2、 Origin: Shandong, China

3、 Product characteristics: black garlic is a food made from fresh raw garlic after 90~120 days of fermentation in a fermentor with skin. It has good antioxidant effect. Single garlic. The taste is soft, sweet and sour without stimulation. In order to keep a lot of moisture in the garlic granules, they are kept moist during the whole production process, and their appearance is similar to that of preserved fruits. This is because after a long time of fermentation and maturation, the protein contained in garlic is broken down into amino acids, carbohydrates are broken down into fructose, and Allicin contained in garlic is completely retained.

Black garlic is as soft as jelly when eaten in the mouth, and has no unique smell after eating raw garlic. At the same time, it will not cause adverse irritation to the intestines and stomach.

4、 Efficacy: it can enhance human immunity, sterilize and diminish inflammation, reduce blood sugar, blood lipid, cholesterol, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, resist oxidation, anti-aging, eliminate fatigue, relieve constipation, protect the liver, improve immunity, inhibit atherosclerosis, resist allergy, and stabilize blood pressure. Compared with ordinary garlic, black garlic has more powerful functions, and the taste of black garlic is sour and sweet. It does not have the volatile and irritating smell of ordinary garlic, and will not get angry after eating.

5、 Product specification: 500g / bag 1000g / bag

6.    How to eat: Eating black garlic directly is fermented from garlic. The texture is soft, and there is no spicy taste of garlic. The taste of eating directly is sour and sweet.

Fried black garlic can also be fried, such as fried shrimp with black garlic.

Stewed black garlic can also be used with an appropriate amount of meat ingredients, such as ribs, chicken and so on.

7、 Storage condition: dry and ventilated


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