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Chinese saffron introduction

Product Name: saffron

Origin: Tibet, China

Product specification: 1g / bottle 4G / bottle

Efficacy: 1. For neurasthenia, palpitation madness, amenorrhea marks, these common diseases or symptoms, postpartum obstruction, mild and toxic spots, excellent depression and stuffiness, are common diseases. The medical effect of palpitation madness, color spots caused by endocrine disorders is super good, and the treatment effect is ideal.

2. It can improve blood deficiency, irregular menstruation, postpartum congestion, amenorrhea, facial spots, spots, pain, depression and other symptoms if it is a problem of Qi and blood.

3. Suitable for beauty lovers, it is of great help to beauty lovers. Women suffer from Qi and blood deficiency for various reasons, such symptoms and complications. Eating it will activate Qi and blood, which is conducive to smooth Qi and blood, vigorous blood, energetic and ruddy complexion.

Pharmacological effects: ① the decoction of action on uterus has excitatory effect on the isolated uterus and eutopic uterus of mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs and cats. A small dose can make the uterus contract tensely or rhythmically, while a large dose can increase the tension and excitability of the uterus, enhance the automatic contraction rate, even reach the degree of spasm, and the pregnant uterus is more sensitive; In the experiment of uterine fistula in domestic rabbits, it also has an exciting effect. After one dose, the effect can last for 4 hours. The order of action intensity of various extracts is: Decoction > ethanol extract > volatile components > ether extract. Small doses can also inhibit the uterus, or inhibit first and then excite, especially when ethanol extract is applied to the uterus of non pregnant rabbits. The effect of exciting uterus can be partially blocked by ergotoxine ethanesulfonate (adrenergic blocker), while atropine cannot; Therefore, it is believed that part of the effect on the uterus is a direct effect on uterine myocytes, and part is related to adrenergic receptors.

② Effect on circulatory system the decoction can reduce the blood pressure of anesthetized dogs and cats and maintain it for a long time; It is also exciting for breathing. When the blood pressure is reduced, the renal volume decreases, showing renal vasoconstriction; It also has a contractile effect on toad blood vessels. It has significant inhibitory effect on isolated toad heart. Some people have discussed it as a drug to pause the heartbeat during surgery. It is found that the water extract can cause the heart to stop rapidly and completely in diastole on isolated toad, rat heart and acute cat in situ heart samples, which lasts for more than ten minutes and is very easy to recover; If used with acetylcholine, it will stop jumping more quickly and completely. There was no fibrillation during the rebound, and the cardiac activity was enhanced after the rebound. However, through chemical analysis, the components that inhibit the heart are related to potassium salt, which is quite noteworthy. Crocus sativus contains a large amount of potassium salt, which can not only inhibit the heart, cause blood pressure, but also stimulate the tension and contraction of smooth muscle such as small intestine, uterus, bronchus, blood vessels, etc. Therefore, in the future, the pharmacological research of Crocus sativus should first remove potassium salt.

③ Saffron with other effects can prolong the estrous cycle of mice. Normal mice were fed with food containing 0.23 ~ 2% saffron for 3 weeks, and the duration of total keratosis in vaginal smears was extended from 1 ~ 2 days to 3 ~ 4 days; The effect disappeared rapidly after stopping the drug. The decoction is injected into the frog's lymphatic sac, and there is a large amount of secretion from the skin glands. In the acute animal toxicity test in mice, the median lethal dose measured by gavage was 20.7 g / kg.

Storage conditions: ventilated, cool and dry

Taboo groups: women in menstruation and pregnancy


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