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Red Date - Ancient Superfood from Far East

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Red dates also known as jujubes,have been loved in Southeast Asia for thousands of years for their health and well-being properties.

Fresh dates are rich in flavonoids phenols and antioxidants,and contain 20 times the vitamin C of citrus fruits. It's also rich in manganese and iron, and has 18 of the 24 important amino acids that are essential for the formation of more than 50,000 proteins found in the human body.Several scientific studies have found that dates are beneficial for insomnia, improving mood,general gastrointestinal problems,anti-inflammatory,anti-cancer and blood pressure.High levels of vitamins and minerals help strengthen the immune system,build red blood cells, and benefit overall energy and vitality.It is considered an adaptogen,which "adapts" to the body's needs and helps reduce stress.In traditional Chinese medicine,jujube is known as a warm food which is used for dispelling dampness, nourishing blood,calming the nerves,and strengthening the body.

How to eat Red Date

Mostly eaten dried, they have a soft,chewy texture and are naturally sweet and aromatic.They're a tasty snack to combat sugar cravings and a versatile ingredient.For example,they can be used to sweeten porridge,smoothies,baking, energy balls.They can also be used in cooking instead of dried apples,dates or goji berries.A top recipe secret is dates on peanut butter toast!In Southeast Asian regions such as China and South Korea,dates are traditionally enjoyed as a snack,steeped in hot water to make sweet tea,or as an ingredient in nourishing soups.They are usually given to women after childbirth to help rebuild blood and replenish nutrients in the body. They can also be found in desserts and even liqueurs.


Although its nickname is "red jujube", jujube fruit is not a date,but a species of Ziziphus in the seabuckthorn family.It originated in China and dates back more than 4,000 years.Today,it can be found in southern Europe such as Italy,France, and Spain,as well as in the Middle East,Australia,and the United States.The tree can survive very cold weather and doesn't require much water-a true gift from Mother Nature.Our dates/jujubes are grown in Xinjiang,an autonomous region in Northwest China (bordering Kazakhstan),where the weather conditions are perfect for the best quality dates, with sunny days and cold nights.


Did you know that jujube trees are very water efficient and wind resistant?They need very little water to thrive and are grown in arid regions to help fight desertification.what a gift of nature!

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