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Pure Natural Mugwort Essential Oil Soap

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Pure Natural Mugwort Essential Oil Soap

Main ingredients: Mugwort leaf extract, plant essential oil, tea tree oil, olive oil.


Main effects: It is suitable for inhibiting bacteria on the body surface and relieving itching. It can quickly remove, prevent and control bacteria, fungi, toxins and other pathogenic microorganisms. It has obvious effect on allergic skin, children's prickly heat and eczema!

Safe formula: Does not contain chemical additives, preservatives, heavy metals and other harmful substances, which is not only gentle on the skin, but also environmentally friendly!

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Applicable people: Suitable for men, women and children!

Wormwood has the functions of warming menstruation and promoting blood circulation, dispelling dampness and dispelling cold, reducing swelling and dissipating masses. It has a certain effect on body aches caused by cold, dermatitis and eczema caused by allergies.

Wormwood soap can prevent diseases and effectively improve the body's own resistance. In addition, wormwood has a certain effect on promoting skin firmness and achieving beauty and beauty. It can be used in the morning and evening when washing the face to reduce skin dullness and other problems and restore brightness.

Suitable for skin: all skin types can be used, very suitable for eczema skin.

Efficacy: cleanse and control oil, sterilize, clean skin, remove eczema and anti-allergic.

Storage: Please put it on a ventilated and dry soap rack after use, away from water, let alone soaking in water. Handmade soap will melt into transparent adhesive paper if it is exposed to water for a long time and is not ventilated. Please use it without any problems.

Bathing with wormwood essential oil soap can warm the meridians, dispel dampness, expel cold, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, care for the skin, and improve skin resistance. It is a good body soap.

Moxa skin care exclusive care: refreshing and smooth, nourishing the skin just right.

Comfortable and moisturizing smooth skin feeling: After washing, it is not tight, and the skin is silky smooth.

Plant-added exclusive skin care: Contains plant essences, the skin is moist and soft.

Rich foam, gentle and delicate: the foam is delicate and the skin is deeply cleansed.

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