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CGhealthfood is a leading China pure moxa manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Adhering to the pursuit of perfect quality of products, so that our pure moxa have been satisfied by many customers. Extreme design, quality raw materials, high performance and competitive price are what every customer wants, and that's also what we can offer you. Of course, also essential is our perfect after-sales service. If you are interested in our pure moxa services, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!
  • Wormwood Essential Oil
    Features:Qinling wild wormwood processing single-party essential oil, strong penetration and complete absorption.
    Effect:Dispels fire, removes stasis and relieves pain, promotes qi and blood circulation, warms meridians and collaterals, warms yin and nourishes deficiency, warms muscles and dispels cold.
    Instructions for use:For external use, apply an appropriate amount to acupoints or affected areas, massage or scrape until completely absorbed.
    Precautions:If it gets into the eyes, rinse immediately with water.

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