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Nutrition, Health Benefits, Ayurvedic Uses, Recipes and Side Effects

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Ber or Jujube is a sweet and tart fruit that reminds many of us of our school days and we used to buy these fruits from fruit vendors outside of school,marketed for providing a unique kick.Famous while enjoying every sip. It is mainly found in spring in India and is widely grown in tropical countries such as Africa,India,China and Australia.Boasting an impressive nutrient profile,this wonder fruit offers a plethora of therapeutic health benefits.Since ancient times,Baer fruit has been known as the fruit that removes sorrow.The shape resembles palm dates,also known as Indian dates,red dates,Indian plums,Chinese apples,dunks,Chinese dates,Korean dates, Indian dates around the world.In the Indian subcontinent, dates are known as Ber in Hindi,Regu chettu in Telugu,Ilandai in Tamil,Bore hannu in Kannada,and in Known in Sanskrit as Ajapriya,Kola,Badari.Tracing the history of jujube,it originated in the 6th century BC Chinese poetry anthology,The Book of Songs.It was highly valued as a medicinal plant in China and southern Asia for at least 2,500 years.Ziziphus mauriitina (ber),in the family Rhamnaceae,is a spiny evergreen shrub or small tree up to 15 meters high,spreading in a crown with stipules and many pendulous branches.The fruit shapes and sizes are different,oval,rectangular or round,and there are cores in the seeds.The flesh is white and crisp, the unripe fruit is somewhat juicy, the aroma is pleasant, and the skin is smooth and shiny.Fruit native to the deserts of western India,Pakistan,and parts of the Gulf region, the ripe fruit is dark red or purple and may appear slightly wrinkled like a date when ripe.The fruit can be eaten raw, preserved, candied or used to make delicious candies and desserts.The slightly unripe fruit is candied through a piercing process.The ripe fruit is preserved by drying and stored for a rainy day.

Uses of Ayurveda Nutrition

According to the holistic science of Ayurveda,dates have been widely used as a potent herbal remedy for centuries.The whole plant including fruit,seeds and leaves are valued for their incredible healing properties.Ber fruit, rich in vitamins C and B,is used to treat bleeding disorders,excessive thirst,fever and burning sensation.The antipyretic activity of cypress leaves when applied topically can help reduce fever.Also,berry powder mixed with honey is used as a face mask to treat skin infections due to its powerful healing properties that promote faster wound healing.Fresh and dried berries balance vata and kafa dosa,while tart fruit soothes vata and kafa dosa

Nutritional Facts

Ber is a low-calorie fruit that is high in dietary fiber,vitamins and minerals,making it a great choice for a healthy snack.Rich in vitamin C,a potent antioxidant,berber fruit triggers an immune response and protects against infection.It also contains moderate amounts of potassium,which plays an important role in regulating muscle function and maintaining electrolyte balance.In addition to this,Ber fruit also contains 18 of the 24 essential amino acids that promote growth and development.Beyond that,these shiny fruits are a powerful source of several antioxidants,including flavonoids,polysaccharides,and triterpenoids,which can remove harmful toxins and prevent chronic diseases like diabetes,cancer, and heart disease.Fruits that are naturally high in sugar provide you with an instant source of energy.Dried dates are a more concentrated source of sugar because extra sugar is added during the drying process.

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