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Ningxia wolfberry puree's functions

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What's the Ningxia wolfberry puree?

The puree of wolfberry is the wolfberry liquid that has been crushed and pressed without any additions.

Efficacies of lycium barbarum

There are many foods or Chinese herbal medicines in the diet and daily life. Their whole body is a treasure. For example, the wolfberry that should be mentioned today, most people have seen the wolfberry after drying, but very few have seen it fresh. The effect and efficacy of fresh wolfberry is higher than that of fresh wolfberry, and the original pulp wolfberry is obtained from fresh wolfberry, so the effect of the original pulp wolfberry must be very good. Let’s analyze it from three aspects.

Maintenance of liver

The liver is a very important internal organ of the human body. It can help the body's own liver detoxification. Therefore, if something unexpected happens to the liver, the health of so many people will be greatly affected. The maintenance of the liver has a very good effect and effect, so drinking the original oar wolfberry is expected to have a very good effect on nourishing the liver, and it can also fight fatty liver.

The expected effect of aphrodisiac and kidney

The expected effect of the original oar wolfberry in strengthening the yang, invigorating the kidney and benefiting the kidney is very good. If there are male or female friends who have kidney deficiency and kidney deficiency, they can take the original oar wolfberry to help ensure a good effect of strengthening the yang, invigorating the kidney and benefiting the kidney. It can have the expected effect of strengthening muscles and bones and health care and health preservation. For women, it has the effect of delaying aging, and the expected effect of skin care and beauty is very Ningxia wolfberry puree -CGhealthfood

Resist tiredness

It is because the original oar wolfberry contains a lot of sugar. This kind of sugar can help many employees to improve their fatigue after working, especially for some people who need to stay up late for a long time or mainly for many human resources work. For the people above, taking the original oar wolfberry can have a good effect of eliminating fatigue.

In addition to the three points mentioned above, the efficacy of the original oar wolfberry can also help relieve visual fatigue, anti-aging and improve sleep quality. For women in menopause, in fact, it is more appropriate to take the original oar wolfberry. It can help improve the mental outlook, and can also improve the quality of sleep, so that the safety factor can be passed through women's menopause.

How to identify the real and fake Ningxia lycium berry?

Only the Ningxia wolfberry produced in Ningxia is the genuine medicinal product, so it is very important to master the method of identifying the real and fake Ningxia wolfberry. Today we will talk about several basics that the authentic Ningxia wolfberry must have. feature.

See color

The color of genuine Ningxia wolfberry is dark red, and the bright red wolfberry is sulfur-fumed, whether it is Ningxia wolfberry or not, you can't buy it. The black and red Ningxia wolfberry is caused by the overcast and rainy days during the drying process, and it is a defective fruit.

Appearance: The grain shape of Ningxia wolfberry is slender and long, the two ends are tapered, the surface of the dried product has a white mesh pattern, and at least 85% of the grains have white fruit points at the top of the fruit pedicle.

The grain shape of Xinjiang and Qinghai is short and fat, the two ends are blunt, and there is no white mesh pattern on the surface of the dried product, and there are few grains with white fruit points at the top of the fruit pedicle.

Look at the dryness: Grip the Ningxia wolfberry tightly with your hand, then loosen it, and let go of the high-quality Ningxia wolfberry. The wolfberry that will not disperse after letting go is either a fake or a defective product with a high water content.

Floating rate: The total sugar content of Lycium barbarum in Ningxia ranks first in the country, and the polysaccharide content of Lycium barbarum also ranks first in the country, but the monosaccharide content is low. Therefore, it is not easy to sink when Ningxia wolfberry is soaked in water, and the floating rate is usually about 85-90%.

Lycium barbarum in other regions contains more monosaccharides, but the really effective Lycium barbarum polysaccharide content is low, and it is easy to sink when soaked in water.

Look at the meat quality: The basic characteristics of Ningxia wolfberry are thin skin, thick meat, and few seeds. The wolfberry that has these three characteristics at the same time is genuine, otherwise it is fake.

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