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How to eat dried red dates?

There are many ways to use red dates for dried dates. It is good to make tea or cook porridge with water. If you use boiling water, you can make red dates and honey tea.

2022 09-19
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What is the best way to eat lotus seeds?

Lotus seeds are sweet and slightly astringent in nature, rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements, as well as many water-soluble polysaccharides containing flavonoids, as well as alkaloids and supernatants. Oxide dismutase and other ingredients belong to both medicinal and edible ingredients.

2022 09-12
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The best way to eat Chinese wolfberry: three effects of Chinese wolfberry soaking in water

Lycium barbarum has the effects of nourishing yin and blood, nourishing liver and kidney, and benefiting intelligence. When Lu you was old, his eyes were dim. He often ate Chinese wolfberry. He also left a poem "after snow, the bell chimes in the thatched cottage, and a cup of Chinese wolfberry in the morning". Lycium barbarum is mild in tonic Chinese medicine because of its mild nature and sweet taste.

2022 06-03
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Precautions for drinking tea

Reasonable drinking tea is beneficial to the human body, but if it is unreasonable, it will be harmful to the human body. Drinking tea depends on the physique. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people's physique is different from dry heat and deficiency cold, and tea is also cool and warm through different production processes. Therefore, people have different physique and pay attention to drinking tea.

2022 04-29
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Red dates' benefits and precautions-part 2

Experiments have confirmed that for rabbits with liver injury caused by carbon tetrachloride, jujube decoction was fed daily for 1 week. The results showed that the total protein and albumin in serum were significantly increased compared with the control group, indicating that jujube has the effect of protecting liver.

2022 03-09
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What is laoyan pumpkin seed?

Lao Yan's South melon seeds are a specialty of Yulin, Shaanxi Province. Lao Yan's pumpkin seed is simple and full, with a thin shell and easy to peel, and the meat is crisp and sweet.

2021 12-24
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Introduction to six major teas in China

We mainly engage in Shaanxi official tea which belongs to black tea. It uses the first-class raw dark green tea in southern Shaanxi as the main raw material for tea making, which is rich in selenium. It can only be used as the main raw material for tea making after being stored in the warehouse for more than four years. The leaf bottom is plump and the leaf surface is oily. When the black tea is ready, it is orange red and bright and tastes mellow.

2021 11-08

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