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What is moxa and the quality of moxa

Moxa is a natural processed product of wormwood, and moxa is the raw material for making moxa sticks, and it is also the main material used in moxibustion. Its effects mainly include: dredging the meridian and activating collaterals, warming the meridian for hemostasis, dispelling cold and relievin

2022 11-22
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What is moxa pillow?

Wormwood is a soft and fine cotton like article obtained by repeatedly drying Wormwood Leaves, pestling, beating and crushing, and screening out impurities and dust. Moxa velvet is the raw material for making moxa sticks, and it is also the main material used in moxibustion. Wormwood pillows are made of wormwood planted in the deep mountains of Qinling Mountains. They are picked before and after the Dragon Boat Festival.

2022 02-25
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Moxa pillow's introduction and efficacy

"Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "wormwood leaves are bitter, warm, hot, pure Yang, can return to the Jue Yang, pass the twelve meridians.

2021 12-15
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Moxa pillow of the functions

Moxa pillow with the power of the role of sleep, can alleviate people at ordinary times the pressure of work, improve the quality of sleep, also have dredge blood vessels, prevent diseases such as cerebral thrombosis, also can enhance the body's resistance, long-term use of moxa pillow, also has a s

2021 09-17
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The characteristics and functions of moxa cushion

The characteristics and functions of moxa cushionThe moxa filled in the cushion comes from China's "Aidu" and Li Shizhen's hometown Qichun, Hubei. "Qi Ai" contains twice the trace elements, warming properties, and medicinal effects of ordinary wormwood. It is also made by industry insiders. , Moxa r

2021 05-28
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Introduction of moxa pillow

Mugwort is a soft, cotton-like article obtained by repeatedly drying pestle, beating, smashing, and sifting out impurities and dust from the leaves. Moxa is the raw material for making moxa sticks and the main material used in moxibustion.Made from the dried leaves of the wormwood of the Compositae.

2021 01-29

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