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The best way to eat Chinese wolfberry: three effects of Chinese wolfberry soaking in water

Lycium barbarum has the effects of nourishing yin and blood, nourishing liver and kidney, and benefiting intelligence. When Lu you was old, his eyes were dim. He often ate Chinese wolfberry. He also left a poem "after snow, the bell chimes in the thatched cottage, and a cup of Chinese wolfberry in the morning". Lycium barbarum is mild in tonic Chinese medicine because of its mild nature and sweet taste.

2022 06-03
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Medlar powder's introduction

Lycium barbarum powder is made from natural Lycium barbarum in Ningxia through low-temperature baking, ripening and powdering. The powdered Lycium barbarum will not affect the effect, but can increase absorption and promote digestion. Lycium barbarum is a commonly used nutritional tonic. It is commonly used in people to cook porridge, boil cream, soak wine or eat together with other drugs and food.

2022 03-23
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Our company attended Xi'an Association of small and medium-sized enterprises

Shaanxi CGhealthfood​ Trading Co., Ltd. was invited to the conference. On March 4, 2022, Xi'an Association of small and medium-sized enterprises held the third session of the Second Council in the banquet hall on the third floor of Xi'an Guangcheng hotel. Xi'an Association of small and medium-sized enterprises (formerly Xi'an Federation of small and medium-sized enterprises) was officially approved to be established in Xi'an Bureau of Commerce in 2014.

2022 03-16

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