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What is the best way to eat lotus seeds?

Lotus seeds are sweet and slightly astringent in nature, rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements, as well as many water-soluble polysaccharides containing flavonoids, as well as alkaloids and supernatants. Oxide dismutase and other ingredients belong to both medicinal and edible ingredients.

2022 09-12
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Learn details of lotus seeds effects and precautions

Summer is easy to get angry, so summer is also called "fire season". When people have red, swollen and sore eyes, or sore throat, swollen gums, sore mouth ulcers, and erosion of the tongue tip. Naturally think of eating lotus seeds​. Lotus seeds can clear the heart and mind, and soaking in water every day as a tea has a good effect on sores on the tongue and swollen gums.

2022 07-22
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Best lotus seeds with various value and benefits

Lotus seeds are the mature seeds of the perennial aquatic herb lotus of the water lily family. It was born in a small and exquisite lotus pod, and the ancients called it the stone lotus seed because of its hard shell.

2022 06-27

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