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What are moxibustion stickers and their benefits?

What are moxibustion stickers? Before we get to know the moxibustion notes, let's talk about what moxibustion is.

2023 01-06
What is moxa and the quality of moxa

Moxa is a natural processed product of wormwood, and moxa is the raw material for making moxa sticks, and it is also the main material used in moxibustion. Its effects mainly include: dredging the meridian and activating collaterals, warming the meridian for hemostasis, dispelling cold and relievin

2022 11-22
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How to make moxa sticks

What is moxa sticks Moxa sticks are cylindrical rolls made of cotton paper or mulberry leaf paper wrapped with moxa velvet, and are mainly used for moxibustion. Moxibustion is one of the oldest medical techniques in China. It belongs to the external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

2022 10-13
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YOCSI eyeshade of our company

Eyes are the most important part of personal image. It's "the window of the soul" ", which is also the most vulnerable part of the body. However, do we usually pay enough attention to eye protection? Are we satisfied with our eyes?

2022 01-03
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Wormwood Foot Soaking's Efficacy and Function

Wormwood, also known as mugwort, is a kind of grass with a strange fragrance. It has the functions of rejuvenating yang, regulating qi and blood, dispelling dampness and cold, stopping bleeding and relieving fetus. Soaking feet with wormwood also has many benefits for the body.Benefits, especially a

2021 09-27

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