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The efficacy of wormwood

Wormwood Kuzao Xin San, can regulate qi and blood, warm meridians, eliminate cold and dampness, relieve cold pain, and is an essential medicine for gynecology. It is used to treat cold and painful abdominal abdomen, irregular menstruation, cold uterus and infertility. Charcoal to stop bleeding can b

2021 04-02
china moxa chinese treatment- CGhealthfood.jpg
The effect of moxa paste

Because many women have irregular daily routines and messy diets, a large number of people have gastrointestinal problems, and gastrointestinal problems can only be dealt with after long-term care, such as eating more warm foods or using wormwood. Posting is also possible. Moxa navel paste is mainly made of pepper, longan and wormwood. Putting it on the navel can warm and nourish yang, regulate the intestines and stomach, so that the stomach and intestines can slowly return to a healthy state, and prevent gastrointestinal problems.

2021 02-24

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