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What is moxibustion and its classifications

Moxibustion uses moxa as the main raw material. After being ignited, it is burned and warmed on certain acupuncture points or special parts on the body surface. With the help of the mild heat of moxibustion fire, it uses warm stimulation to drain blood through the meridians. Function, in order to ac

2022 12-16
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What physique is suitable for moxibustion

Introduction: What physique is suitable for moxibustion? This may be the concern of many friends who like moxibustion. To know this answer, you must first understand the classification of Chinese medicine and what kind of constitution you are.TCM human body constitution is classified into Yang defic

2021 01-22
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Explain the 6 functions of Moxibustion Patch

The belly button is a very important acupuncture point. Some people use this acupuncture point for acupuncture, some people use this acupuncture point for moxibustion, and some people use moxa paste in this place, which can make a difference. We can choose according to our actual situation, so what

2021 01-18

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