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What is Black Tea and its Effects?

What is Black tea: Black tea belongs to fermented tea and is one of the six major teas. Black tea is to let some beneficial microorganisms in the air fall on the tea during the process of making and storing tea. The enzymes produced by microbial metabolism can well promote the biochemical components

2022 11-15
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Introduction to six major teas in China

We mainly engage in Shaanxi official tea which belongs to black tea. It uses the first-class raw dark green tea in southern Shaanxi as the main raw material for tea making, which is rich in selenium. It can only be used as the main raw material for tea making after being stored in the warehouse for more than four years. The leaf bottom is plump and the leaf surface is oily. When the black tea is ready, it is orange red and bright and tastes mellow.

2021 11-08

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