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The wormwood foot bath kit

Mugwort is a widely used medicine. It is also the practice of many health care workers to make wormwood bags with wormwood to soak their feet in hot water. Many people use wormwood bags to soak their feet in hot water, and feel comfortable using wormwood to soak their feet. In fact, wormwood foot ba

2021 04-28
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The function of wormwood foot bath medicine bag

The human body suffers from oral ulcers, stomatitis, otitis media, throat swelling and sore throat, etc., which are all caused by strong virtual fire or cold fire in the body. Just boil the wormwood and water, soak your feet in the liquid for a while, and wait for the whole body to sweat slightly. Then drink some warm water, soak your feet continuously for two or three days, and eat less cold food, pay attention to rest, then these diseases can be well alleviated.

2021 02-26

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