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How to eat dried red dates?

There are many ways to use red dates for dried dates. It is good to make tea or cook porridge with water. If you use boiling water, you can make red dates and honey tea.

2022 09-19
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Black wood ear fungus health benefits & useful tips

Black fungus​ is a nutrient-rich edible fungus that everyone often eats. It's delicious and nutritious. There are many benefits of eating black fungus. The protein content of black fungus is comparable to animal food, and it has the reputation of "the meat in the vegetarian food".

2022 09-09
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Best lotus seeds with various value and benefits

Lotus seeds are the mature seeds of the perennial aquatic herb lotus of the water lily family. It was born in a small and exquisite lotus pod, and the ancients called it the stone lotus seed because of its hard shell.

2022 06-27
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Which vitamins and minerals are available in capsicum

Nowadays, pepper can be seen everywhere in our life, also known as pepper, spicy horn, sea pepper, pepper, Qin pepper, etc. it can not only be eaten directly as vegetables, but also be used as spices to season a variety of dishes. China's Sichuan, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Jiangxi and other provinces are well-known "non spicy and non happy" areas.

2022 05-09
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Black fungus' nutritional value

Black fungus, also known as black vegetable, Auricularia auricula and Auricularia yunnanensis, belongs to Auricularia family. It is a precious colloidal fungus for both medicine and food in China. It is also recognized as a health food in the world. It is planted in Northeast, North China, Central South, southwest and coastal provinces of China.

2022 01-28
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Dried day lily's function and selection skills

Day lily is also known as golden needle, golden needle, forgetful, suitable for men, golden, southern and Hemerocallis. Day lily is a traditional vegetable that people like to eat. Because of its plump petals, golden color, strong aroma, fresh, tender and smooth food, it is regarded as a "treasure on the mat" with high nutritional value.

2022 01-26
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Black wood fungus benefits to our life

Black fungus can be used for medicinal purposes in addition to the food on our table. Medical scientists of the past dynasties have detailed records on the medicinal effects of black fungus. For example, Li Shizhen in the Ming Dynasty recorded in "Compendium of Materia Medica": It can treat hemorrho

2021 05-14

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