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The function of lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil contains hundreds of complex chemical components, the main components are linalyl acetate, linalool, cineole and so on. For example, linalyl acetate has the effects of restoring nerve balance, sedation, anti-inflammatory and lowering blood pressure; linalool has sedative, lowe

2021 05-01
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The wormwood Essential Oil Soap

Wormwood Handmade Soap is made by squeezing fresh wormwood juice instead of water-phase soap to make a piece of wormwood soap with delicious color and fragrance. Wormwood soap has the green and astringent odor of wormwood itself, which is pure and natural without any chemical additives, so it is ver

2021 04-30
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The wormwood foot bath kit

Mugwort is a widely used medicine. It is also the practice of many health care workers to make wormwood bags with wormwood to soak their feet in hot water. Many people use wormwood bags to soak their feet in hot water, and feel comfortable using wormwood to soak their feet. In fact, wormwood foot ba

2021 04-28
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The importance of nourishing liver in spring

On the afternoon of April 19, a weekly meeting of the company's internal partners was held: at the meeting, the company announced the reward policy for recruiting "health messengers" by the company's members, accelerated the recruitment of members, and increased the promotion and influence of the p

2021 04-26

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