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Hancheng dahongpao pepper's history and efficacy

Pepper belongs to deciduous shrub or small tree, with a height of 3-7m, and the stem usually has enlarged prickles; Branches gray or brownish gray, with small lenticels and slightly oblique upward prickles; Current year branchlets pubescent.

2021 11-26
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Shiitake mushrooms' efficacy

Shiitake mushrooms is the top grade of mushrooms. It is known as "mountain treasure". It is famous at home and abroad for its large flower, thick mushroom, low water content and long preservation period. The production of shiitake mushrooms maintains the natural and pure characteristics. It is well-known in the mushroom jar for its pure flavor and clean ice muscle. It is also known as the best treasure on the table because of its beautiful, crisp and delicious appearance.

2021 11-24
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Daylily's value and efficacy

Daylily​, also known as "brain vegetable", is a lily plant. It is the flower bud of a perennial herbaceous plant. It has been cultivated in China for more than 2000 years. The flower buds of daylily are slender, yellow and fragrant. Because of its plump petals, golden color, strong aroma, fresh fragrance, smooth, tender and waxy, it is often as famous as Auricularia, and is "a treasure on the mat".

2021 11-22
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Black fungus' value and efficacies

Black fungus, also known as tremella and Shuming, is nutritious, soft and delicious. Therefore, it has the reputation of "meat in vegetarians" and "king of vegetarians". It has the effects of Tonifying Qi and blood, reducing weight and treating constipation.

2021 11-19
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History of red dates

The northern Shaanxi red dates is mainly produced in Yichuan, Yanchuan, Qingjian, Wubao, Jiaxian, Shenmu, Fugu, Suide and other counties along the Yellow River. It is famous for its big fruit, small nucleus, thin skin, thick flesh, mellow taste, big oiliness, red color, sweet and sour and delicious, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.

2021 11-17
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Introduction to ganoderma lucidum

Blood purifying function: can purify high blood lipids, assist in lowering blood sugar, reduce atherosclerosis, enhance coronary circulation, assist in lowering blood pressure, prevent and treat coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, angina, cerebral thrombosis, angina, stasis, stroke sequelae, eccentric pain, neck soreness, shoulder pain and strong heart, anti-asthmatic, anti-cough, acute hypoxia resistance, etc.

2021 11-15
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Moxibustion at 7 acupoints to warm whole body in winter

Moxibustion heat therapy at 7 acupoints to warm whole body Dazhui acupoint: prevent colds and eliminate cold phobia. If there are cold symptoms such as dizziness, headache and stuffy nose, moxibustion can be used at this acupoint to help the human body raise Yang and resist the invasion of cold and dampness.

2021 11-12
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Ganoderma lucidum powder: the "power bank" of human immunity

And our ganoderma lucidum powder can bring you these functions: It enhances the functions of important organs of the body, such as strengthening heart, protecting liver, promoting hematopoiesis and enhancing immune function.

2021 11-10
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Introduction to six major teas in China

We mainly engage in Shaanxi official tea which belongs to black tea. It uses the first-class raw dark green tea in southern Shaanxi as the main raw material for tea making, which is rich in selenium. It can only be used as the main raw material for tea making after being stored in the warehouse for more than four years. The leaf bottom is plump and the leaf surface is oily. When the black tea is ready, it is orange red and bright and tastes mellow.

2021 11-08
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Mizhi millet's efficacies and features

Millet is the main product of our company. Because of the unique natural and geographical conditions as well as water and soil conditions of Mizhi millet, its nutritional value is very high. It is a geographical indication of agricultural products of the Ministry of agriculture. The product quality is in accordance with the ny-5305-2005 pollution-free food corn standard.

2021 11-05

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