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dehydrated garlic slices for sale -CGhealthfood.png
Learn dehydrated garlic slices efficacy and value

Dehydrated garlic slices refers to the peeled garlic seeds, sliced and dried. Having garlic flakes at home is a great way to add this delicious herb to recipes without having to go through the process of washing and chopping garlic cloves or bulbs.

2022 07-01
aquatic lotus seeds for sale -CGhealthfood.png
Best lotus seeds with various value and benefits

Lotus seeds are the mature seeds of the perennial aquatic herb lotus of the water lily family. It was born in a small and exquisite lotus pod, and the ancients called it the stone lotus seed because of its hard shell.

2022 06-27
tremella fuciformis supplier -CGhealthfood.png
Tremella fuciformis value and edible methods

A fungus of the genus Tremella, the fruiting body is shaped like a chrysanthemum or a cockscomb, rich in colloid, white and translucent, and white or beige after drying. Commonly known as "white fungus". Most species of Tremella are born on logs of various trees.

2022 06-24
buy Ningxia wolfberry puree -CGhealthfood.png
Ningxia wolfberry puree's functions

The puree of wolfberry is the wolfberry liquid that has been crushed and pressed without any additions.

2022 06-20
Black garlic supplier -CGhealthfood.jpg
Black garlic effects and nutritional value

Black garlic is a food made from fresh raw garlic after 90~120 days of fermentation in a fermentor with skin. It has good antioxidant effect.

2022 06-15
Garlic for sale -CGhealthfood.png
Jinxiang Garlic growing environment and properties

Jinxiang garlic has many obvious advantages, such as large garlic head, strong juice, pure spicy taste, crispy and delicious, no loose petals, mildew resistance, decay resistance, storage resistance, etc.

2022 06-13
Astragalus membranaceus supplier -CGhealthfood.jpg
Astragalus membranaceus characteristics, functions & more

Astragalus membranaceus is a commonly used Chinese herbal medicine, which has the dual functions of medical treatment and health care.

2022 06-10
Codonopsis Pilosula for sale -CGhealthfood.png
Codonopsis pilosula functions and edible methods

Codonopsis pilosula is a perennial milky herb with many nodular stem scars at the base of the stem. The root is often hypertrophy, spindle shaped or spindle shaped cylindrical. Its stem is twined, sterile or top flower, yellow green or yellow white.

2022 06-06
wolfberry powder price - CGhealthfood.png
The best way to eat Chinese wolfberry: three effects of Chinese wolfberry soaking in water

Lycium barbarum has the effects of nourishing yin and blood, nourishing liver and kidney, and benefiting intelligence. When Lu you was old, his eyes were dim. He often ate Chinese wolfberry. He also left a poem "after snow, the bell chimes in the thatched cottage, and a cup of Chinese wolfberry in the morning". Lycium barbarum is mild in tonic Chinese medicine because of its mild nature and sweet taste.

2022 06-03
lycium berry benefits - CGhealthfood.png
Wolfberry, did you eat it right

Lycium barbarum is a kind of nourishing and healthy food. It can be eaten at different times. It is cheap and nutritious. It is usually eaten as a kind of nutritious and healthy food. Generally speaking, it is well absorbed by chewing Chinese wolfberry. Many people like to soak Chinese wolfberry in water, soup or porridge in life, but in fact, due to the influence of water temperature, soaking time and other factors, only some of the active ingredients in Chinese wolfberry can be released into water or soup.

2022 06-01

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