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Moxa sticks and their uses

1. Moxa sticks: moxa sticks are the acupoints of corresponding acupuncture points after being smoked Acupoint acupoint acupoint acupoint acupoint acupoint fumigation The effect of driving cold and ventilating blood.Artemisia argyi Kutong Xinsan can regulate qi and blood, warm meridians, dispel cold

2022 11-25
What is moxa and the quality of moxa

Moxa is a natural processed product of wormwood, and moxa is the raw material for making moxa sticks, and it is also the main material used in moxibustion. Its effects mainly include: dredging the meridian and activating collaterals, warming the meridian for hemostasis, dispelling cold and relievin

2022 11-22
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Pumpkin Seeds And Its Benefits

Pumpkin Seeds And Its Benefits1. The definition of pumpkin seeds: pumpkin and pumpkin are different. Pumpkins are plants in the family Cucurbitaceae of the order Violales, and pumpkins are plants in the family Cucurbitaceae of the order Cucurbitaceae. In terms of shape, the color of the pumpk

2022 11-16
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What is Black Tea and its Effects?

What is Black tea: Black tea belongs to fermented tea and is one of the six major teas. Black tea is to let some beneficial microorganisms in the air fall on the tea during the process of making and storing tea. The enzymes produced by microbial metabolism can well promote the biochemical components

2022 11-15
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What is dried garlic slices

Dehydrated garlic slices are neat in appearance, slightly yellow in color and pure in taste. They can be eaten or used as food raw and auxiliary materials. As long as it is soaked in warm water, it can be restored, and it is fresh in all seasons and is very popular in the market.

2022 11-10
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The health benefits of chinese date fruit

The concept of chinese date fruitJujube is a plant of the rhamnaceae jujube, which turns red when mature. Often sun-dried to make jujube. Its vitamin content is very high, and it has the reputation of "natural vitamin pills", which has the effect of nourishing yin and yang.

2022 11-08
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What are the benefits of green tea

The concept of green tea Green tea, one of the main tea types in China, refers to a drink made from the new leaves or buds of the tea tree, unfermented, and processed through greening, shaping, drying and other processes.Green tea is unfermented tea, which retains the natural substances of fresh leaves.

2022 11-03
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Some knowledge about moxa rolls for moxibustion

Moxa rolls for moxibustion are made of dried leaves to remove impurities and smashed into soft moxa velvet, and then wrapped with cotton paper or mulberry leaf paper to make a long strip. Ai Ye has the effects of warming the meridians and dispelling cold, dispelling dampness and relieving pain.

2022 11-01
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How to use saffron?

Saffron, also known as crocus and crocus, is a perennial flower of the genus crocus in Iridaceae and a common spice. Perennial herb. The bulb is oblate and spherical, with a diameter of about 3 cm and a yellowish brown membranous coating.

2022 10-27
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What is Chinese yam?

Dioscorea oppositifolia L. is a plant of Dioscorea genus of Dioscoreaceae, twining with herbaceous vines. The tuber is long cylindrical and grows vertically. The tuber is a commonly used Chinese medicine "Huai yam", which is rich in starch and can be used as vegetable food; It can fill the spleen and stomach loss, treat qi deficiency, indigestion, spermatorrhea, enuresis and unknown swelling.

2022 10-24

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