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The efficacy and function of wormwood essential oil

The efficacy and function of wormwood essential oil1. Relieve painWormwood essential oil can relieve pain. Usually, when people have abdominal pain, they can directly put 3 to 5 drops of wormwood essential oil in the palm of the hand, and then gently massage the abdomen, which can warm the meridians

2021 02-10
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Pure Natural Mugwort Essential Oil Soap

Main ingredients: Mugwort leaf extract, plant essential oil, tea tree oil, olive oil. Main effects: It is suitable for inhibiting bacteria on the body surface and relieving itching. It can quickly remove, prevent and control bacteria, fungi, toxins and other pathogenic microorganisms. It has obvious

2021 02-12
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The effect of moxibustion paste

Moxibustion patch is a modern new type of moxibustion method that combines traditional moxibustion therapy with modern material technology.Specifically, the moxibustion leaves are first subjected to the process of removing impurities and purification processing to make a moxibustion stick with a rel

2021 02-08
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Benefits of wormwood incense

Aixiang is a kind of incense made by adding wormwood powder. The role of Aixiang is to sterilize, deodorize, and repel mosquitoes.The role of wormwood mainly comes from the wormwood powder. Wormwood is a very traditional plant used to ward off evil spirits in my country. Every year during the Dragon

2021 02-05

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