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New Vision Eye Shield


Product material: fleece cover, medicine bag, storage bag, instruction manual

Applicable people: people over 3 years old with eye fatigue, long-term exposure to fluorescent screens, people with myopia

Internal materials: borneol (borneol), mugwort leaves, cassia seeds, Menghua (Chinese herbal medicine)

Main features: 1. Transdermal absorption, acupoint targeting;

2. There is no similar substitute product: it is the formula of Mr. Zi Qingbin's family. A variety of ingredients are matched with an exclusive formula to nourish the liver, improve eyesight and stimulate the acupuncture points around the eyes. Promote eye microcirculation, enhance eye power, and repair eye physiology.

3. The market is large enough: people over 3 years old can use it, regardless of occasion and time, as long as they feel they need it.

4. Three boxes for one conditioning period, quick effect, safe and reliable.

Main effect: It can help improve various sub-health problems of the eye, such as blurred vision, pain, soreness, amblyopia, hyperopia, cataract, glaucoma, redness, dark circles, eye bags, myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia and other symptoms.

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