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Mulberry tea have the important effects

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Mulberry leaf tea is generally made of high-quality tender mulberry leaves with superior ecological environment and no pollution, which are refined by scientific baking and other processes.  It is crucial to remove the bitterness and astringency of organic acids in mulberry leaves.  Taste sweet and mellow, fragrance overflow people and other characteristics are also important.  

Mulberry leaves contain an alkaloid called 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ), an alkaloid found only in mulberry leaves at about 100mg/100g, which is an inhibitor of alpha-glycosidase.  Mulberry leaves not only contain DNJ, but also rich in γaminobutyric acid and plant chun, its content is 3-4 times that of green tea.  It has the function of reducing weight, hairdressing and lowering blood sugar.  

Mulberry leaf tea of the main effect  Mulberry Tea company - CGhealthfood

Lower blood sugar  

N- containing- sugar in mulberry leaves has pharmacological effect of inhibiting blood glucose rise and can be used to prevent and cure diabetes mellitus.  [5] The original mulberry leaves have the function of inhibiting the rise of blood sugar, and its main functional component is the "alkaloid" in mulberry leaves, which is a kind of component with special functions, which is not found in other animals and plants.  The Japanese medical community calls this special composition "DNJ".  Its main function is to inhibit the decomposition of sucrase, maltase, a-glucosaccharide, a-amylase, can stimulate the secretion of insulin, reduce the rate of insulin decomposition.  [6]  

Eliminate sore spot  

Studies have proved that mulberry leaves also have a good cosmetic effect on skin, especially on acne and brown spots on the face.  Mulberry leaves are rich in flavonoids, phenols, amino acids, organic acids, carotene, vitamins and a variety of human essential trace elements, which improve and regulate the metabolism of skin tissue, especially inhibiting the occurrence and development of pigmentation have a positive effect.  In addition, adhere to the regular drink to reduce the skin or visceral lipofuscin (namely age spots) stagnation.  

Qing fat to lose weight  

Mulberry leaf tea can reduce weight, with mulberry leaf namely "detumescence", "clear blood" action is concerned.  The reason why mulberry leaf tea can reduce swelling is that the mulberry leaves are beneficial to the effect of water.  The benefit of water and diuretic effect is different, not only can promote urination, but also can make the excess water in the cell drain away.  So mulberry leaf tea can improve the so-called edema phenomenon.  Clearing blood is the removal of excess neutral fat and cholesterol from the blood.  Hyperlipidemia is defined by an increase in neutral fat or cholesterol in the blood.  So fat people are mostly hyperlipidemia patients.  Mulberry leaves have the effect of improving this kind of high blood fat.  

Reduce blood viscosity  

The blood viscosity of high lipidemia patient is high, the flow in capillary is particularly not smooth.  Capillaries are only 1/100 the thickness of our hair, so they tend to clog up easily.  Myocardial infarction and cerebral haemorrhage are the result of blocked capillaries.  Mulberry leaves contain flavonoids that strengthen capillaries and reduce blood viscosity, so it can prevent myocardial infarction and cerebral haemorrhage while reducing weight and improving hyperlipidemia.  

Mulberry leaf tea is rich in nutrition  

Contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates and plant fiber.  In 1993, the Ministry of Public Health confirmed that mulberry leaves were homologous to medicine and food.  Mulberry leaf is superior functional food, it can step down pressure, fall fat, fight aging to increase endurance, reduce cholesterol, inhibit adipose accumulation, inhibit thrombosis, inhibit harmful bacteria to breed inside bowel, inhibit harmful oxides to generate, the most outstanding function is prevention and cure diabetes.  It has the functions of relieving cough, removing heat, treating dizziness, eliminating eye fatigue, reducing swelling, clearing blood, treating dysentery, edema, reinforcing liver, removing freckles, nourishing skin, and anti-aging.  

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