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Moxa Stick

Features:Qinling wild wormwood processing, pure natural, pollution-free selection of fine materials, high purity, strong penetration
Effect:It has the functions of warming yang and dispelling cold, clearing the meridian, promoting yang, purging heat and removing toxins, and has a significant immune regulation effect.
Instructions for use:Hold or use moxibustion tools. About 10 cm away from the body, move slowly in a clockwise direction to feel comfortable.
Precautions:The unused moxa stick should be extinguished.

The moxa sticks processed by Qinling wild wormwood are cylindrical long rolls made of mulberry leaves wrapped in moxa. The moxa sticks are mainly used for moxibustion. Moxibustion is one of the oldest medical techniques in China. It is a traditional Chinese medicine external treatment method. It can warm the meridians and dispel cold, promote qi and blood, and eliminate cold and dampness. It is suitable for wind-cold dampness, muscle numbness, joint and limb pain, cervical spondylosis and other symptoms.

Diameter: The diameter of moxa sticks is between 1.8-8cm.

Length: Moxa sticks are 20cm in length. The most common length is 200mm.

The role of moxa:

·Soothe the nerves and aid sleep and help relieve stress.

·Quelling wind and cold, strengthening the body and removing evil, warming meridians and dredging collaterals

·Help to relieve the pain of deficiency and cold such as cold palace and menstrual pain.

·Maintain the spleen and stomach, improve symptoms such as indigestion.

·Prevent colds and enhance immunity


Burn moxa sticks on the treatment site, or use it with a warm moxibustion box. Through the input of the heat and energy of the moxa fire, the body’s "stress response" is caused to self-regulate the body, burn the meridians, and improve the body’s immunity to prevent diseases. effect. Generally, moxibustion takes about 30 minutes each time, and the use time can be adjusted according to the body's feeling.

(1) Hand-held moxa moxibustion

Light one end of the moxa stick and hang it about 5-10 cm above the moxibustion site for moxibustion.

(2) The method of inserting moxa sticks (used with warm moxibustion box)

1. Remove the plastic upper cover of the warm moxibustion box and twist open the copper socket cover

2. Ignite the moxa stick to fully burn it, insert it directly and fix it

3. Bring the heat-insulating base, close the lid, and apply directly to the affected area for moxibustion

(3) Moxa section, inserting the moxa column method (used with warm moxibustion box)

1. Remove the upper cover, take out the Xiao Ai section and light it

2. Insert the ignited moxa segment into the wire that fixes the moxa segment. It can also be used with ginger slices at the position where the 

ginger slices are clamped.

3. Align the carmen joints of the upper and lower covers, close the cover and the black temperature control cover

4. According to the combustion status, rotate the black temperature control cover to adjust the ventilation and control the temperature

5. Remove the plastic heat-insulating bottom box of the base, put the portable moxibustion into a flannel cover, fasten it to the affected area with an elastic band, and stick the non-plastic side to the affected area for warm moxibustion to ensure better heat transfer.


*Pregnant women are prohibited; moxibustion is prohibited for acute injury and inflammation;

*Moxibustion should not be warmed within one hour after a meal; moxibustion is forbidden for hunger, oversatisfaction, or drunkenness; 

*The diet after warming moxibustion is mainly light, not greasy cold food;

*During the implementation of moxibustion, keep an eye on skin changes and adjust the temperature to prevent burns;

*Do not wash your hands or bath with cold water within half an hour after warming moxibustion. Drinking a larger amount of warm water than usual will help expel toxins from the body;

*Close doors and windows when doing moxibustion to avoid wind and cold;

*This product is a daily health care product and cannot replace professional treatment.

 For related conditions, please consult a professional doctor.


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