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Moxa Pillow

Features:Qinling wild wormwood is processed into moxa and filled into pillows, pure and natural.
Effect:Treat cervical spondylosis, enhance immunity, dispel cold and dehumidify, relieve headache and abdominal pain.
Instructions for use:For home use.
Precautions:Pillowcase can be used, pillow core cannot be cleaned directly.

Mugwort is a soft, cotton-like article obtained by repeatedly drying pestle, beating, smashing, and sifting out impurities and dust from the leaves. Moxa is the raw material for making moxa sticks and the main material used in moxibustion.

Made from the dried leaves of the wormwood of the Compositae. Its color is gray and white, soft as velvet, flammable without flame, and has a fragrant smell, suitable for moxibustion. According to the degree of processing, there are different thicknesses. The thick ones are mostly used for warm needles or moxa sticks, and the thin ones are mostly used for making moxa sticks. The texture is better than the aged ones.


Moxa is a natural processed product of wormwood. Its main functions include: clearing the meridians and activating collaterals, warming the menstruation to stop bleeding, dispelling cold and relieving pain, regenerating muscles and restoring fetuses, regaining yang and relieving adversity, and maintaining health. External moxibustion can cure all diseases

Use 20:1 moxa filling.

The quality of moxa is determined by its purity. The higher the purity, the better the quality, and vice versa. The purity of moxa is expressed by the ratio of how many kilograms of moxa leaves are made into 1 kilogram of moxa. Common moxa has 15:1, 30:1, 45:1 and so on.

Wormwood itself has the effect of dispelling dampness and cold, and pillows are precisely an important factor affecting sleep. Once combined, it can dehumidify and sleep soundly.


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