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Moxa Heat Spa Seat


Moxibustion and moxa heat spa seat have the effects of expelling cold from the palace, regulating menstruation and relieving pain, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and sterilizing and reducing inflammation. The moxibustion futon adopts the method of sitting and smoking, which can warm the uterus and promote the circulation of blood and lymph in the lower abdomen, thereby treating lower abdominal pain, menstrual pain, low back pain, and neuralgia.

Moxibustion heat spa seat can warm the menstruation and dispel cold, nourish yang and promote blood circulation, inhibit bacteria and disinfect, which is very beneficial to the relief of hemorrhoids, constipation, dysmenorrhea, gynecological diseases, chronic prostatitis and other symptoms.

Moxibustion heat spa seat helps the body's microcirculation, suitable for sedentary office people, driving people, people with cold body, and people with little exercise. It is more suitable for the elderly and children. The unique fragrance of Aite can also inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent mosquitoes. Deworming.

The medicinal properties of the wormwood in the sitting group can flow into the Huiyin point, which is the main point of the human body, the channel for the body’s essence, Qi and the spirit, and the main point for longevity. Regulating the Huiyin point can dredge the veins in the body, drive away cold and remove dampness, and regulate Physiological and reproductive functions are helpful.

Specifications: round, 3000g/piece

How to use moxa heat spa seat?

Before use, we light the moxa or moxa inside, and then close the lid. This time is equivalent to our preparatory work is completed, we can sit on it comfortably, and then enjoy the pleasure that moxibustion brings us. If some people are afraid of being smoked by the smoke from moxibustion, they can put a towel on the futon, which can not only reduce the smell, but also prevent the clothes from being smoked.

The effect of moxa heat spa seat:

The moisture in the human body is actually quite serious. We rarely take the initiative to remove moisture. In addition to helping warm the meridians and activate the collaterals, moxibustion futon can also effectively help remove the moisture in our body to achieve a dampness elimination. The effect of dispelling cold.

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