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Moxa Cream

Features:Mixed processing of Qinling wild wormwood and herbs.
Effect:Repel mosquitoes and relieve itching, effectively relieve shoulder pain, rheumatic joint pain, lumbar discomfort, dysmenorrhea and cold palace.
Instructions for use:Take a small amount of paste and apply it evenly on the affected area.
Precautions:Avoid mouth or eyes. If it gets into eyes accidentally, remove it with water or wet wipes immediately.

It is made from wormwood as a key raw material. It has many benefits and effects on the body, such as improving body resistance, clearing heat and removing fire, removing deficiency heat and curing gum bleeding, cough, sputum and more of these symptoms.

The role and efficacy of mugwort ointment and taboo

The role and efficacy of mugwort cream

1. Reduce redness, swelling, and itching; reduce red rash, eczema and "red bottom".

2. Disinfection and sterilization, insect removal, antibacterial, treatment of skin, facial wind and water sores, yellow liquid and itchy after breaking.

Mugwort cream taboo

Do not take it, pay attention to the dosage.

What are the main uses of mugwort cream?

1. In summer and autumn, reduce the six major skin problems such as wind and sun damage, insect bites, baby eczema, minor burns, "red buttocks", swelling and itching.

2. In winter, reasonably reduce skin itching symptoms caused by dryness, clothing friction, external environmental pollution and other reasons.

3. Suitable for babies and the whole family.


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