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Learn details of lotus seeds effects and precautions

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Summer is easy to get angry, so summer is also called "fire season". When people have red, swollen and sore eyes, or sore throat, swollen gums, sore mouth ulcers, and erosion of the tongue tip. Naturally think of eating lotus seeds. Lotus seeds can clear the heart and mind, and soaking in water every day as a tea has a good effect on sores on the tongue and swollen gums.

Aquatic lotus seeds effects

1. Nourish tonic

Lotus seeds are a kind of precious tonic, rich in nutrients and high nutritional value. Among them, the protein content is rich, and the lotus seeds also contain the substance raffinose. Raffinose can nourish the body. For those who are weak, after illness, postpartum, etc., they can properly eat lotus seeds to nourish the body.

2. Strengthen the spleen and stomachbuy aquatic lotus seeds -CGhealthfood

Fresh lotus seeds are rich in raffinose, protein, minerals, vitamins and starch and other ingredients. These nutrients make lotus seeds have a certain nourishing effect and are suitable for diseases such as weak spleen and stomach and loss of appetite. In summer, the temperature is high and the weather is hot. Many friends love to eat raw and cold food, which leads to weak function of the spleen and stomach, which makes people often feel loss of appetite and indigestion. At this time, if you eat some lotus seeds properly, it has a very good conditioning effect on the spleen and stomach.

3. Lower blood pressure

It can effectively reduce the blood pressure of the human body. This is because the lotus seeds contain substances such as liensinine. This crystal can temporarily reduce the blood pressure value in the human body. If you want to control the blood pressure for a long time, you still need special western medicine.

4. Calm the mind

Fresh lotus seeds have a slightly bitter taste and a hint of sweetness at the same time. For people with strong hearts, eating fresh lotus seeds can reduce heart fire, calm the mind and calm the mind, and has the effect of strengthening the heart and soothing the mind. In addition, nutrients such as alkaloids, trace elements and vitamins in fresh lotus seeds also have adjuvant therapeutic effects on neurasthenia. On summer nights, if you are upset and can’t sleep, you can eat a little fresh lotus seeds every day.

5. Improve muscle elasticity

People with poor muscle elasticity can drink lotus seed soup, which can improve this symptom, mainly because the protein, fat, trace elements, lotus leaf alkaloid and other substances in lotus seeds can promote blood coagulation, so it can maintain muscle elasticity.

6. Anti-cancer anti-cancer

The lotus seeds contain oxalicine oxide, which has an inhibitory effect on nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

7. Boost metabolism

Lotus seeds are rich in "phosphorus and potassium" elements, among which phosphorus is the main component of nuclear protein and many enzymes, and potassium can maintain the excitability of muscles, the regularity of heartbeat and promote the metabolism of the body.

How to eat lotus blossom pods?

1. In addition to fresh and raw food, it can be made into rock sugar lotus seeds, preserved lotus, porridge into soup, cakes, soups, etc., all of which are delicious and delicious food.

2. Skillfully remove the lotus seed skin: The lotus seed skin is as thin as paper, and it takes a lot of time to peel off. If you wash the lotus seeds first, then put them into boiling water, add an appropriate amount of old alkali, stir evenly, and then suffocate for a while, then pour in the rice. Inside the basket, rub vigorously to quickly remove the lotus seed skin.

The above is a detailed explanation of the efficacy, function and consumption of lotus seeds. Lotus seeds are also a very valuable traditional Chinese medicine. They are fragrant and nutritious and are suitable for all ages. It is suitable for palpitations, insomnia, physical weakness, nocturnal emission, excessive leucorrhea, chronic abdominal disease, etc.

Edible lotus seeds precautions

Although lotus seeds are good, pay attention to these 3 things

1. Eat less for constipation and hot constitution

Lotus seeds are suitable for people with spleen deficiency and chronic diarrhea, and for people who usually have dry stools and a full abdomen, they should eat less lotus seeds to avoid aggravating the symptoms of constipation.

2. Those with poor digestion should eat less

Lotus seeds contain a lot of starch, which is a burden on stomach digestion, so people with chronic stomach problems or poor digestion should eat less lotus seeds.

3. Remove the lotus heart

Before eating lotus seeds, the lotus heart should be removed. Because the lotus heart is cold, it damages the spleen and stomach and weakens the effect. In addition, the lotus heart tastes bitter, which will affect the taste.

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