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Lavender essential oil's efficacy and precautions

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Definition of lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is a volatile aromatic substance extracted from lavender by certain extraction methods.

Efficacy of lavender essential oil

Detoxification: because lavender essential oil has very good affinity, it can directly penetrate into human skin and improve human blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, some friends will smear some lavender essential oil on their bodies when doing spa, which can play a good detoxification effect;

Lavender essential oil can relieve anxiety, tension and other bad emotions, and effectively regulate the human nervous system. If many friends feel very nervous, they can directly smell lavender essential oil, relax their spirit and improve all kinds of bad emotions;lavender essential oil for sale - CGhealthfood

It can improve the activity of human cells, effectively repair acne marks, fade scars and have a very good skin beautifying effect. If it is a superficial scar, you can directly drop one or two drops of lavender essential oil, which can promote the repair;

It has a calming effect. Friends with poor sleep quality can set one or two drops of lavender essential oil on the pillow, which can make people fall asleep safely and improve sleep quality;

It has certain antibacterial ability. If the skin is damaged, you can take a small amount of lavender essential oil and apply it directly on the skin to prevent infection and skin ulceration.

How to use aroma diffuser essential oils

Massage method, you can directly smear the essential oil on the back and hip tissue of the human body, and then massage according to certain techniques, which can have the effect of detoxification;

Point coating method: if the human face has acne, you can dip a little lavender essential oil with a cotton swab and apply it directly on the acne, which can quickly alleviate the symptoms of redness and swelling.

Precautions for using lavender essential oil

Do not use lavender essential oil during pregnancy. Because lavender essential oil contains many other ingredients besides lavender extract, women during pregnancy are not allowed to use it. The skin care products and skin care products used on the face are best for pregnant women.

Do not use for sensitive skin. If the skin is too sensitive, it is best not to use essential oil products to avoid skin allergy;

Use lavender essential oil and do not expose to the sun. After applying lavender essential oil, please do not expose yourself to the sun, otherwise the skin will easily get sunburned, and the essential oil will not be absorbed by the skin, but will become a burden on the skin, forming greasy dirt and so on.

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