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Jinxiang Garlic growing environment and properties

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1. Introduction to Jinxiang garlic

Jinxiang garlic is a specialty of Jinxiang County, Jining City, Shandong Province, and a national geographic indication product of China.

Jinxiang County is a famous hometown of garlic in China. The history of garlic planting has reached more than 2000 years. 700000 mu of garlic has been planted throughout the year, with an average annual output of 800000 tons. Its products have been exported to more than 160 countries and regions. According to skin color, Jinxiang garlic can be divided into white garlic and purple garlic. Jinxiang County is the hometown of garlic, with a recorded garlic planting history of more than 2000 years.Jinxiang garlic for sale -CGhealthfood

Jinxiang County is also a national modern agriculture demonstration area and one of the first batch of national modern agricultural industrial parks. The planting area, output, quality and export volume of Jinxiang garlic rank among the top in the country. It is known as "the world garlic looks at China, and China garlic looks at Jinxiang".

2. Features of Chinese garlic

Jinxiang garlic has many obvious advantages, such as large garlic head, strong juice, pure spicy taste, crispy and delicious, no loose petals, mildew resistance, decay resistance, storage resistance, etc. At the same time, Jinxiang garlic has high nutritional value. According to the determination of the scientific research department, Jinxiang garlic contains more than 20 kinds of nutritional elements such as protein, niacin, fat, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, etc., which are required by the human body. Experts call it the best natural antibiotic food and health food.

3. Environment of origin of garlic 

Jinxiang County is slightly inclined and flat, with gentle terrain, gradient generally less than 1/8000, deep soil layer, rich groundwater resources, and most of the soil is tidal soil, which is distributed in most areas of the county. It belongs to the warm temperate monsoon continental climate, with the characteristics of winter and summer monsoon climate. It has four distinct seasons, with obvious differences between hot and cold seasons and dry and wet seasons. The cultivated land in Jinxiang County is mainly tidal soil, and the surface texture of the soil is sandy soil, light soil, medium soil, heavy soil and clay from west to East. Light soil and medium soil have the largest area. Their main characteristics are loose soil, easy to cultivate and suitable for fibrous root crops. In particular, after years of fertilization and improvement, the soil fertility is high. According to laboratory analysis, the pH value of the 0-20cm plough layer soil in Jinxiang County is 7.0-8.0, which is weakly alkaline. The content of organic matter is 1.1% - 1.8%, the alkali hydrolyzable nitrogen is 60-90ppm, the available phosphorus is 15-35ppm, and the available potassium is 120-200ppm. The contents of trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, manganese, iron, zinc and copper are high and comprehensive, which can effectively promote the normal growth and development of garlic and improve the unit yield.

4. Efficacy and function of garlic

Garlic has the efficacy of sterilization, detoxification, clearing intestines and lowering blood sugar. It can also strengthen Yang, lose weight and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Eating garlic raw is an effective way to prevent influenza and intestinal infection, but it should be noted that allicin is easy to be destroyed under high temperature and loses its bactericidal effect. Allicin produced by garlic will aggravate the stimulation of intestinal wall and make blood vessels congested. So you can't eat garlic on an empty stomach. Garlic can improve men's sexual ability, help treat male impotence and promote male erectile function. Garlic also has the function of Tonifying the kidney, which can improve men's sperm quality.

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