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How to use moxibustion patch to relieve pain?

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It is a pure traditional Chinese medicine paste, which integrates heat effect+drug effect+moxibustion effect, and is an upgraded version of traditional moxibustion. It is a convenient and effective moxibustion paste containing more precious Chinese medicinal materials, adopting more scientific and technological infrared nanotechnology and self heating medicine package.


It can quickly penetrate into the skin, dredge the meridians, dispel wind and cold. It has a very powerful auxiliary and therapeutic effect on a series of diseases such as fatigue, sub-health, cervical spondylosis, shoulder periarthritis, backache, uterine cold, dysmenorrhea, rheumatic diseases, stomach pain, stomach cold, bone hyperplasia and so on, which appear in different groups such as modern office workers, school students, mobile phone controllers, white-collar workers, Herbal Moxibustion Stick


The seven year old Artemisia argyi is used as the main raw material. At the same time, 16 famous and precious Chinese medicines are added, such as Tianqi, safflower, angelica, white celery, white peony, Shenqu, Shenjin Grass, Bone Penetrating Grass, Yeshanjiang, Chuanqiong, etc.

Why is Artemisia fortunei the best?

Agkistrodon acutissima is taller than common wormwood, contains several times more volatile oil than other wormwood, has more heat than other wormwood, and has a high cashmere yield, which is easy to make wormwood. Artemisia argyi contains 17 known compounds, and the content of volatile oil, total flavonoids, calorific value of combustion, etc. are obviously superior to those of artemisia argyi leaves produced in other regions. Artemisia argyi is more fragrant than common artemisia argyi, and has better curative effect when used as medicine. Artemisia argyi oil has obvious antiasthmatic, antitussive, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effects. Different from common wormwood, Agkistrodon argyi contains more volatile oil, rich fragrance, higher effective drug content and better curative effect. The leaves of Artemisia argyi are wide and thick, and the back of the leaves is densely covered with thick and long hairs. The dried leaves can be kneaded into a pile, which is soft in texture. Compared with common wormwood leaves, the quality of Agkistrodon acutissima is good, the rate of cashmere produced from making wormwood is high, and it can be made into moxa sticks and moxa sticks, which are flammable and durable, and are regarded as treasures of moxibustion families. Artemisia argyi is the best artemisia argyi. The color of the leaves of artemisia argyi is black and white, one yin and one yang. The longer the Artemisia argyi leaves are kept, the more distinct the color of the black and white sides, which coincides with the yin and yang of the human body. Compared with common artemisia argyi leaves, artemisia argyi leaves have obvious advantages in volatile oil, tannin, calorific value of combustion, alcohol soluble extract and trace element content.

Applicable issues

A series of chronic diseases, such as shoulder periarthritis, cervical pain, dysmenorrhea, uterine cold, irregular menstruation, hyperplasia of mammary gland, hydronephrosis of knee, old cold leg, rheumatism, arthritis, gout, cold and fever, cough, diarrhea, rhinitis, etc.

The Principle of Moxibustion Sticks in Regulating Pain

Local warm stimulus effect. When moxibustion is carried out at acupoints on the body surface, the warm and hot stimulation effect produced by moxa fire can warm the meridians, promote qi and blood circulation, expel cold and dehumidify, expand local capillaries, accelerate blood circulation, and facilitate the excretion of metabolites and the absorption of pathological products; Therapeutic effect of drugs. As the main raw material of moxibustion treatment, moxa itself has certain medicinal power, which can dredge channels and activate collaterals. In addition, during the moxibustion treatment, it often cooperates with ginger, angelica, tianqi and other Sichuan Chinese herbal medicines to play a synergistic role, so that the heat of moxibustion not only stays on the body surface, but also can go deep into the internal organs through the conduction of acupoints and meridians to play an overall regulatory role.


You can paste it anytime, anywhere, tear the package, open the medicine package, and pour the wormwood essential oil onto the medicine package. The essential oil can accelerate the penetration of the skin and promote the absorption of the medicine package into the body. Then tear the centrifugal paper on one side, expose the adhesive tape, and paste it on the skin. Then tear the centrifugal paper on the other three sides, and paste them separately. The medicine package will keep fever for 6-8 hours. The used medicine package can also be used to soak feet or take a bath, to remove dampness and cold in the body, and to help sleep. Tomalin mineral powder and energy stone can also be put into flower pots to promote plant growth.

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